1.  Can I be in IB AND Chorus???  
- YES!!!!  Lots and lots of students are in IB AND in Chorus every year!  Some students are in Chorus 1, 2, or 3 years, but most are in ALL 4 years of high school.  

2.  Can I play a sport AND be in Chorus?  
- YES!!!!  Ms. Denham hands out a calendar of dates the first week of school (or sooner.....over the summer, or even before school gets out - posted here and on FB) & there is a process for when you have to miss Chorus for your sport that involves a simple form in advance....and if you know your sports schedule (you do) & you know your Chorus schedule (you do), you can map it out and see where the schedule conflicts are and everything works out fine.  Remember - PLAN AHEAD!!!  *Day Of* stuff = no bueno.  

3.  Can I be in Band AND Chorus???
- Absolutely!  It is done ALL the time!  Again, map out your schedules for both and everything is fine.  

4.  Do I have to have a certain GPA to be in Chorus???
- Well, that is a tricky question.  Technically, no, BUT in order for you to be eligible to participate in Solo & Ensemble, All-State, District MPA, State MPA, (FVA & FMEA sponsored-events), you have to have a minimum 2.0 GPA.  Same as sports.  Same as the min. GPA for Graduation.  GPA doesn't matter for Potluck, Winter, and Spring Concerts AND showing up to those (& rehearsals) keeps your Chorus grade up where it should be......which ultimately helps your GPA situation.  

5.  Do I get a grade for rehearsals and performances? 
- Yes, of course!  Participation from the ENTIRE Chorus TEAM is necessary for the group to function properly.  (side note:  Skipping rehearsals and/or performances will result in a notsopretty grade in Chorus for you, so don't fall down that rabbit hole, ok?  another side note:  If you fill out the form AND its something worth excusing, no harm, no foul....just get yourself to the next one without incident)

6.  Do I HAVE to buy a uniform???
- Does the football team wear a uniform?  Yes, they do.  Because they are a TEAM and should be identified as such.  Same deal with Indianettes, Cheer, Basketball, Band, ROTC,....and Chorus.  We don't have space for uniform storage, so everyone must obtain their own dress uniform & Chorus t-shirt....and keep it at their house.  Madrigals must also obtain the extra black and green uniform.  Buy it, rent it, borrow it....make it happen. :)  

7.  Is Chorus fun?
- YES!!!!!

8.  What do we sing in Chorus?
- A variety of music.  Some new & old "chorus music", some pop music, Christmas music, etc.  

9. Do I have to sing by myself???
- Only if you WANT to.  Ms. Denham has ways of listening to every student's individual voice with everyone singing, and no one feeling like they are singing alone.  (because they actually AREN'T singing alone)

10.  Do I have to be a reallyreallyreally good singer???
- No.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  We work with all of it.  Louder voices, softer voices....awesome singers, ok singers....  Remember, Chorus is a TEAM effort!  Every voice helps!  The more voices, the more boo-boo's we can hide, so don't let your self-confidence keep you out of Chorus.  

11.  What if I don't know ANYone in Chorus already?
- This is SO not a problem!  You will meet all sorts of friends in Chorus.  Friends you make in Chorus can, and usually are, friends that stay in your life a long, long time.  :)

12.  How often is there a rehearsal? 
- Typically, Chorus practice is on Monday nights.  Ms. Denham suggests you block out 5-9 so you don't have schedule conflicts, but you won't BE there that long.  Usually, the Fall semester means practice for All-County and All-State Auditions on Monday nights across District 1 (Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton Counties), so unless you are in that, your Fall semester is rather light on Monday nights.  We DO have Winter rehearsals on Monday nights in November and maybe a couple in December (depends on when the Winter Concerts are)....and depending on Thanksgiving Break and when the All-County Concert is, there MIGHT be ONE rehearsal in October.  For Spring, it picks up a bit....there are District MPA rehearsals.....Spring/State/Trip rehearsals.  

13.  Why are there so many rehearsals?  In middle school we either NEVER had a rehearsal outside of class time OR there was just ONE rehearsal before Winter and ONE before District and ONE before Spring!!!!
- Yes, we get it...BUT that was also middle school.  In high school, our music is more complicated because we do SO much MORE!!!  Yay!!!!  We need this extra practice time where we put ALL of the girls together or ALL of the guys or ALL of well, EVERYONE in Chorus together.  :)  It works, trust us.  

14.  I'm the best singer in my current school/church, but I'm only going into the 9th grade and it says Madrigals is only open to 10th, 11th, & 12th graders.  Why can't I be in Mads as a Freshman?
- There are several reasons:  1.  you need to get used to high school  2.  most Mads have that 9th grade year under their belts and we don't have to explain everything under the sun to them because they already know how things work - we can hit the ground (aka AUGUST) running!!!   3.  MATURITY (behavior AND vocal)  4.  Ms. Denham has to learn YOU, first!  She has to know whether or not she can trust you and your judgement...if you are dependable or not....  5. it is something to STRIVE for!!!  Be patient.  

15. I just moved to the area.  I'm going into 10th grade.  I want to try out for Madrigals.  Is there any point in doing so, or do I have to be in Regular Chorus?
- Please do try out!  You never know!  And Ms. Denham won't know you and your awesome voice unless you DO try out, so give it a shot!  Auditions are normally at the end of the year for the next year - if you know you're moving here before school gets out, email her.  If you move here after school gets out, email her.  

16.  I want to try out for Madrigals.  If I don't make Mads, I don't want to be in Regular Chorus...I'll just get out of Chorus.  
- Um....so....not really the outlook we're going for....TEAM player and all.  Sometimes, a person doesn't make Mads because they need another year to grow vocally (stay in Chorus!).  Sometimes, they proved over and over all year they were not dependable (skipped rehearsals, concerts, etc) in Regular Chorus and Mads is more involved...(get your act together and your odds might just improve).  Sometimes, there are just too many of your voice part (people graduate!  Stay in Chorus!).  Other times, there's something going on....you're not matching pitch, you aren't staying in key...those are things you HAVE to be able to do 99.99999% of the time in Mads.  In that case, you definitely SHOULD stay in Chorus so you can make progress on these things.  For any of the possible reasons we listed above, you definitely should STAY in Chorus - you never know when your name could get MOVED INTO MADS!!!  If you disappeared, we can't invite you to join us mid-year.  

17.  I have some stuff going on.  I might miss some class or some practices....and well, I'm stressed OUT!!!
- Stuff happens from time to time.  Talk to Ms. Denham about it.  She does everything she can to help us out, but if you don't tell her, how does she KNOW you need some help?  If she doesn't know and you miss every practice we have for a month, she just keeps plugging in 0's....because you missed rehearsal and didn't turn in an Absence Form. 

18.  I have a game the same night as a Chorus rehearsal.  What do I do?  I don't want a 0!
- Not a problem.  Fill out the Request for Absence/Early Release/Tardy Form, get it signed by a parent, & put it in your class period's drawer.  A game outweighs a practice.  And because you are a responsible team member, you got your form in and it's all good.  

19.  I was sick and missed a practice.  That Request for Absence/Early Release/Tardy Form was due a week in advance....but I didn't know I was going to be sick....what do I do?  
- Simple.  Fill out the OTHER Absence form....the after-the-fact form.  

20.  Why do I have to fill out an absence form?
- Basically, so that we all stay organized. If you have a schedule conflict, you are the one who knows about it....  If something causes you to miss practice, you know what that something was.  This gives Ms. Denham an opportunity to consider (its a rare day that she doesn't) excusing your absence and then you get an X instead of a 0.  X's don't count against you or for you.  It has always been 'a thing' that you bring in a note, but people were writing notes on post-its, backs of envelopes, scraps of paper, or weren't giving Ms. Denham important info like the date of the event you missed, WHY you missed, etc. and well, it was just stressing her out, soooooo......there are 2 different forms.  A 'you know in advance form' and a 'wow, did not see that coming form'.  We get a copy of both in our Chorus Handbook and they are posted on this web page so we can print them out when we need them.  Also....MOST of the time, you can find a hard copy in the Chorus Room.  Currently, those are located in the red hanging file next to the Chorus folder organizer.  If you take the last one, you should say so...she doesn't look in that hanging file very often.  ;)  

21.  If I'm in Chorus, is that the only activity I can participate in in HS?
- Yikes!  No way!  Ms. Denham encourages us to participate in as many different activities as we have time for and want to do.  Sports, clubs, other electives....  This is the time you can try all that stuff out.  High school is awesome that way!  Lots of us are busy, BUT we have our Chorus Calendar and the calendars from our other school, church, and community activities and we map it out.  Ms. Denham is really good about working with other school events....sometimes church and community events - that depends on WHAT your schedule is conflicting with.....if its a MAJOR event, we need you HERE!  Ms. Denham also has events at church and in the community, so her calendar kind of looks like ours does....

22.  Why can't I take Chorus 2nd pd???
- Ms. Denham doesn't HAVE a 2nd pd class!  :)  

23.  How do I contact Ms. Denham?
- Email is great!  denhamj@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us & you can always join the FB group (listed on this web page)....  

24.  What is Madrigals?
 - Madrigals is an auditioned ensemble of mixed voices.  Singers in this group are Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.  

25.  Do we travel?
- Yes!  Some of our travel is local, some is in-state, some is out-of-state.  We've recently been invited to sing in NYC in March 2017 - stay tuned for details!