Congratulations to our All-State Singers! We have 6 singers going to Tampa in January - they will represent Choctaw in ALL 6 choirs!!!  

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All-State Audition Dates - 

All-State Prep - after school now til Sept 14, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Saturday, Sept 15 - Written AND SR @ Crestview HS - time:  be at CRESTVIEW HS by 12 noon (eat lunch prior to your arrival), if you pass the written stay for SR, if you do not pass the written are free to leave.  Please be aware that the SR portion takes as long as it takes, possibly as late as 5 pm.  Bring snacks.  Bring you patience.  I will be there by 7:45 that morning to do the MS portion of the day, so I am not available to answer any questions the day of.  I'll see you at 12 noon for a brief moment and then your part of the day begins.  

Tuesday, Oct 16 - Vocal @ Navarre HS - time:  TBD after school

Paperwork needed:  Contract & Travel Form

All-State Audition Fee $20 - Due Tuesday, September 4th


Theory Practice for the Written Test:  

Interval Ear Training -

Chord Quality Ear Training -

Key Signatures (Major & minor) -

Keyboard ID (white and black notes) -

Written and SR test practice: . (if this link doesn't work, go to and find study materials) . 

Vocal Audition Notes:  

Concert Choir -

SSAA Choir -

TTBB Choir -


2018-19 Alto 1

2018-19 Alto 2

2018-19 Bass 2

2018-19 Soprano 1

2018-19 Soprano 2

2018-19 HS SATB


2018-19 TTBB Bass 1