Choctawhatchee High School




Dear Parents and Students: 


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! I am excited to have your son or daughter in my class. Together, we can help our students reach their full potential as learners, individuals and world citizens! Outlined below are the goals, policies and expectations for this course. 


Learning a foreign language requires regular class attendance and participation as well as daily study at home. Success in foreign language comes from constant reinforcement and exposure to the language. Because each lesson builds upon previous material, it is very important to arrange for individual assistance the moment a student(s) feels confused or behind in class. 


Course DescriptionMajor Concepts/Content: 

 The student will develop communicative skills in all 4 modes of communication and cross-cultural understanding. The themes of study include personal and family life, school life, social life, and community life. The course emphasizes the four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The language learning process also integrates basic aspects of the geography, customs, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. The content standards of Florida for Student Success, aligned with national standards, are as follows: to communicate in the foreign language, to understand other cultures, to develop insight into one's own language and culture, and to participate in the global community.  


Absences:  In the event you are absent, you are responsible for all missed work.  All assignments will be listed on google classroom. If you should miss a test or a quiz and were present in class on the day it was announced, you WILL make it up on the day you return to class.  

Extenuating circumstances (e.g. lengthy illnesses, deaths in the family, etc.) may always be discussed and worked out with me via e-mail. 


Grading Scale:  OCSD grading scale: 0-59%F 60-69D 70-79C 80-89B 90-100%A 


Determination of Grades:  The World Language Department evaluates student learning using a weighted quarterly grading system as follows: 


Summative Assessments = 50% - Summative assessments may include but are not limited to: tests that assess listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills; includes quarterly writing/speaking assessments and special projects.  

Formative Assessments 35% - Formative assessments may include but are not limited to: quizzesclass work, computer activities, skits, presentations, artwork, etc. Quizzes are frequent and check students’ comprehension of new material.  

Homework = 15homework that is completed in full.  Homework provides students with necessary practice and sets students up for success on quizzes, which will directly correlate to assigned homework (see individual teacher for make-up policy). 


Second chance policy:  

Re-takes: 1test re-take per quarter (Only if the grade is below a C). There are no re-takes on quizzes. 

Must do prescriptive work and must have second chance form signed by parent. 

Late work policy:To be posted per project 


* Google Classroom will be this class main learning platform. All needed material and instructions will be accessible on google classroom. Each student and parent can access this through Classlink.  

 Homework : Late homework will be accepted after the 1st day after due date for 50%  

Exception to the rule – Florida State testing time frame and Holiday breaks. 


Extra Help I am available for in person help before and after school but, I am always available via e-mail,google meet,zoom and remind. 


Materials Workbooks and notebooks MUST be brought to class each day. Students are also required to maintain their own Spanish notebook which includes all vocabulary, grammar, and culture presented during the course of study.  

Textbook  Avancemos; this is on loan and to be returned in good condition (replacement cost is $82.50 if lost). The workbook, Practice Workbook with Writing, Audio and Video, is given to the student (replacement cost is $20, if lost). The textbook must be returned or paid for if the student drops the course and does not return the textbook. 


Honor Code Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in automatic zeros for ALL persons involved!  Students are expected to work on their own quizzes, individual projects, and tests.  However, for projects, or in class work students are encouraged to ask for assistance from the teacher or other classmatesCopying the work of someone else is plagiarism, which is considered cheating. 


Behavior : Every student is to practice self -control(please read daily expectation document) 

Consequences: 1. Student with teacher meeting. 2. Parent notification 3. Referral to administrator. 


  I look forward to this being a great year for everyone.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

The best mode of communication is through e-mail. I will reply the same day. 


Remind :send a text to 81010 and text this message     @nivel3c 

Google Classroom Code : (all in lower case)                 vbxzphj

Each  level will have an individual google class code. 


Parents are welcome to join remind. 



Señora Churchill 



"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things." 

-Flora Lewis 



                                                                          Syllabus/Plan of study   






Septiembre / SEPTEMBER 


Introducción/Repaso—Una vida ocupada 

 level 1 and level 2 vocabulary review 

GramaticaGustar,present tense of regular/irregular /stem changing verbs.Tobe;to know and Reflexive verbs. 


Spanish influence in the USA 

Octubre /  


Unidad 1: Nos divertimos al aire libre 

Camping, naturef,amily 

Lección 1:  

GramáticaPreterite tense of regular and irregular verbs 

Lección 2: Gramática: Imperfect tense,preterite vs imperfect 



Noviembre / NOVEMBER 


Unidad 2:Es hora de ayudar 

Volunteering,daily routines 


Lección 1: Gramática: Commands  

Lección 2: Gramática:  Pronouns with commands.Impersonal expressions+infinitve 


Estados Unidos 


Diciembre / DECEMBER 


Unidad 3:El futuro de nuestro planeta! 

Environmental concerns 

social awareness; presenting and supporting opinions 


Lección 1: Gramática: Future tense; POR y PARA 

ección 2:  Gramática:  Present subjunctive of regular verbs; and other subjunctive forms 





Winter break December 21-Jan1 

Enero /  



Unidad 4:Cultura Así quiero ser 

Describing others; Professions and heroes! 



Lección 1:Gramática:Future tense,subjunctve with verbs of influence 

Lección 2: Gramática:  Subjunctive of doubt; subjunctive of emotions 



El caribe 







Unidad 5:¿Cómo te entretienes? 

Comuniquémonos entre  


--Vocabulario: travel prepartions,computers. 

Requirements and conditions 

Lección 1: Gramática: Subjunctive with conjuctions and subjunctive with the unknown 

Lección 2: Gramática:  Conditional tenses and Reported Speech 




Los países andinos 

Marzo / 



Unidad 6 ¿Dónde vivimos 

--¡La vida en la ciudad! 

--Vocabulario: Around the neighborhood;an apartment in the city 

Traveling by train;describing a cultural excursión 

Lección 1: Gramática: Past participles as adjectives,present perfect tense 

-Lección 2:Gramática:past perfect tense, future perfect tense 




Abril /  



Spring break19-23 

Unidad 7:Tu pasado y tu futuro 


planning for the future;school activities and events. 

Nuevos principios 

Pursuing a career 

Lección 1: Gramática: Imperfect Subjunctive perfect tenses 

Lección 2: Gramática:  Si clauses;Sequense  of  tenses 





                       (MARCH 26 END OF 3RD NINE WEEKS  

Mayo /  



Unidad 8:Hablemos de literatura  

Cuentos y poesia 

Vocabulario:Discussing and critiquing literature 



 Lección 1:GramáticaPast progressive and conjuctions 

Lección 2:Gramática:  Se for intentional occurrences; use of subjunctive 




Cono Sur