Anatomy and Physiology Honors


Instructor: T. Mikel

 I.  First Nine Weeks



Matter and Change, intro to Cells and  Metabolism, Lab equipment, Lab safety, Supplemental lab material Writing lab reports, Infection control


Measurements and calculations, chemicals


Digestive system

4, 17, 18



Integumentary system


II. Second Nine Weeks



Grant NDIA- Mechanical man, Human Bodies put together.


Skeletal System

7, 8 

Building humans, case history


Blood, Cardiovascular System

14, 15,

Self-evaluations – Physicals continue third


Respiratory System continue into third


 III. Third Nine Weeks



Continue Respiratory and Physicals, CPR

19, Red Cross

Nervous System


Lymphatic and Immune System- Infection Control



Endocrine System

10, 11

 IV. Fourth Nine Weeks



Muscular System


Bring it on Up!!! Completion

No chapter- SSS

 Textbook:   Hole’s Human Anatomy and Physiology, Hole’s, 2006.

 To Students and Parents: 

            I hope, I am finding you safe and well. We will be finishing the school year possibly on-line or until further notice. You will see the Anatomy assignments on the student classlink assignment area on my Choctawindians web site.  One assignment will be due weekly.  Please continue answering the EOC questions given to you at the beginning of the year. Another copy will be on the assignment list in case you do not have it with you.  You may copy or download the assignments to be completed and then forward to the google classroom area.  Each of the students should have their ID’s and passwords used throughout the year.  If you need assistance email me at:


otherwise all communications will be through classlink or google classroom.  All grades will be posted on-line. Please do not worry, assistance is provided in many ways.  See web site for teachers and all the emails or phone numbers available.  I will be available on line Monday through Friday from 8-10 in the morning and from 2-3 in the afternoon.  Please remember that there will be times that I will be occupied by others but I will either email or call you back as soon as possible.  Continue to wear those beautiful mischievous smiles of yours, everything will work out.  You will be learning about this virus and the infection control properties that have been applied to your life and that of your dear ones.  Please stay safe and listen carefully to the prestigious specialists that are very qualified in leading society in this pandemic times.  Remember if you need help, I am here and in these times, “I am still celebrating Teaching.”  Ms. Mikel

Classroom codes

1st period    opsk3br

2nd period. bi55yi5 

4th period.   44xz7rx 

5th period. udipknj

All classes must be conducted on google classroom and submissions only to classroom period.

1 assignments due April 2nd in classroom outline article on EEG due April 6th - Use outline and prep to study for test

Nervous System Test April 10 and 13th in classroom

2 assignment Read article Infection Control and answer questions; turn into classwork- April 12-20

3rd assignment- Read Infection Contol Element II - answer questions on objects due April 27th

Test on Infection Control April 29th. in classwork