Chorus Handbook 2019-20

The Chorus Handbook went home Day 2 of school in hard copy form.  It is also posted here for your convenience throughout the school year.  

1 Handbook Cover.pdf

2 Handbook Letter 19-20.pdf

4 Choral Policies 19-20 (1).pdf

Ways to Find & Receive Info.pdf

5 Uniform Info (1).pdf

6a Calendar 19-20 with color (1).pdf

7 Green Shirt Order Form (1).pdf

8 Dress Uniform Order Form (1).pdf

9 Info Form (1).pdf

10 Chorus Handbook Acceptance Form 19-20 (1).pdf

11 Mads Uniform Info (1).pdf

12 Request for Absence - Unanticipated (1).pdf

13 Request for Absence - Prior Permission (1).pdf

14 MIS5185-Off_Campus_School_Activity_Form.pdf (must be notarized - we have notaries on campus that will do that for FREE.  Parents, please bring your ID)






Our Chorus Ladies wear black ballet shoes (actual dance shoes) to keep things simple (& quiet)!  If you need ideas as to where you can find BLACK ballet shoes, here are some on-line options:  

Bou Cou Dancewear - Eglin Pkwy near Gold's Gym


Again, you are looking for a black dance shoe, not just a flat dress shoe. 

Please don't wait til right before you need them.  Order them in September to be safe and as stress-free as possible!  


Often, your Chorus Dress or Tuxedo Pants will need to be hemmed.  Here are some ideas: