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Letter from the IB regarding the cancellation of the May 2020 examination session 




Here is a link to the IB's updates related to COVID-19. This website is updated at least daily, if not more frequently. What this looks like for our students in Choctaw's IB Diploma Programme will be announced as more information becomes available.


Here is a link to College Board's updates related to COVID-19 for AP.





2020 AP/IB Exam Schedule


"New research shows that U.S. Diploma Programme (DP) students are outperforming students nationally in university enrollment, persistence, and graduation." Read more about this research by clicking on the link below.

"Impact of the DP beyond high school: Postsecondary outcomes of U.S. students"





Here is a blog post from IB's website about the IB Diploma:



Need some clarification on the requirements for earning the IB Diploma? This document should help. Please contact Mrs. White with any questions.

How to Earn the IB Diploma

Here are some interesting blogs that were recently posted in IB's Community Blog:


Recently, there have been some very insightful blogs posted to IB's Community Blog that I thought would be great to share. 




2019 IB/AP/AICE Exam Schedule: https://www.okaloosaschools.com/choctaw/sites/okaloosaschools.com.choctaw/files/users/katherinewhite/Exam%20Schedule%202019.pdf

*This will be updated as locations of exams are confirmed.



Getting IB diploma credit at U.S. colleges and universities: http://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2018/05/05/getting-ib-credit-at-university/#fo...



IB Stakeholder Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/RMXw3N7qZeiydFTF2

IB Learner Profile: /choctaw/sites/okaloosaschools.com.choctaw/files/users/katherinewhite/IB%20Learner%20Profile.pdf



Here are some helpful articles regarding college applications and admissions:

Admission Decisions: What Counts: https://professionals.collegeboard.org/guidance/applications/decisions

Early Decision & Early Action: https://professionals.collegeboard.org/guidance/applications/early

How Many Applications are Enough?: https://professionals.collegeboard.org/guidance/applications/how-many



Here are some links that might be useful:

ManageBac (documenting CAS experiences in 11th & 12th grade): https://choctaw.managebac.com/login

International Baccalaureate: www.ibo.org

IB Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Guide: https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/server2/rest/app/tsm.xql?doc=d_0_casxx_gui_...

  • Specific sections to review: CAS Learning Outcomes, The Responsibility of the CAS Student, CAS Projects, Reflection

IB Extended Essay Guide: https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/extendedessay/apps/dpapp/index.html?doc=d_0...

IB Grade Descriptors: http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/occ/Utils/getFile2.cfm?source=/ibis/occ/spec/coo...

IB Diploma Points Matrix: http://occ.ibo.org/ibis/occ/Utils/getFile2.cfm?source=/ibis/occ/spec/coo...

2017 State University System of Florida Admissions Tour Matrix: http://www.flbog.edu/board/office/asa/_doc/admission_2016/2017SUSMatrix....

College Board: https://www.collegeboard.org

Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org

Big Future: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org

ACT: http://www.act.org/