Anatomy and Physiology 2016-17     

Trisha Mikel BSN, RN

Anatomy Instructor



Tutoring hours: 

                        All  Science Tuesday - Thursday 1B03  2:15 -

Periods: 1,2,3,4,6

Lab donations is $10.

I do not take late assignments because all work is done in class, see teacher for special circumstances.

Studying for tests is not homework.

Makeup labs must be done after school on Thursday. 

All written outlines are at the end of chapters but all students will learn to take notes in a shorten format.

No homework is given, but extended time is used at night.  

All accomadations are signed off and applied to each student's set requirements. Extended time on tests is given in the testing room. 

All assignments are put on the board weekly and must be written in planner ever Monday. 

Notebook is kept with all assignments in it. This is your proof. Gradebook is kept up to date with what is going on in the classroom and what assignments are due. 

8/30  Chapter one test Tuesday.

8/31  Outlne Chapter Chemistry  LCD  all outlines found at end of each chapter for re-enforcement but must be done in class to learn how to take notes.

9/1 Case studies- apply knowledge and working in intern rounds.  

9/2 Chapter questions to be answered.

9/13  essays due, will take 2 weeks to grade due to length of essays and number.

9/16-19  w/s notes on chapter 3 and 4

9/21 lab on enzymes

9/22  write up for lab

9/23 cell mitosis and diffusion notes case studies.

9/28 test on cell mitosis and diffusion

10/3  1st 9 weeks exam

10/4  Chapter 5  ID 12 tissues

10/10  Chapter 5 LCD note taking (Remember all outlines at end of chapters if extra time needed.

 10/12  Quiz on ID'ing 12 tissues

Prefixes, notes, and tissue drawing due.

10/19 Blood Lab   (close toe shoes)  lab write up following day.  All makeup lab on following day after school.