Ms. Devon Guthals

I teach Honors Algebra II, Honors PreCalculus, IB Math Studies year I, and IB Calculus at Choctaw. I am excited to work with you for the 2018-2019 school year!

I am a two time graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Education in Secondary Math Education. 



If you have any questions please contact me at:

Choctaw: 850-833-3614


Algebra 2 Honors Equations Test Review


IB Exam Paper 1

IB Exam Paper 2


Course Syllabus

Honors Algebra II

Honors PreCalculus


IB Calculus


Additional resources








IB Calculus Review Problems

Calc review problems pt 1

Calc review problems pt 2


Steps to finding variance and standard deviation on calculator:

Ungrouped data:

1. Press STAT then 1: Edit

2. Enter values into L1

3. Press 2nd then Mode to exit

4. Press STAT and scroll to the right to CALC

5. Press 1 for 1-VarStats then press ENTER

6. Press VARS

7. Scroll down to 5: STATISTICS

8. Scroll down to 4:ox to determine standard deviation

9. press xto determine variance


For Grouped Data:

1. Calculate midpoints for ranges, if applicable.

2. Press STAT then 1: Edit

3. Enter midpoint or values into L1

4. Enter frequencies into L2

5. Press 2nd then MODE to exit.

6. Press STAT then scroll over to CALC

7. Press 1: 1-VAR STATS

8. BEFORE PRESSING ENTER L1,L2 or L1 for List and L2 for frequency

9. Press Enter. 

10. Follow steps 6-9 above to determine standard deviation and variance. 

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