Welcome to Mrs. Householder's English 2 & 3 Home Page! Mrs. Householder has a B.S. degree in English language arts education from Auburn University. As the 2016-2017 year opens, Mrs. Householder enters her fourth year of teaching.

Below, you will find Mrs. Householder's Policies and Procedures. On this homepage, you will also see Edmodo codes for each class period. You may Google Edmodo to find the website. Edmodo is the go-to location for assignments in Mrs. Householder's class.

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Choctawhatchee High School

English III

A. Householder


Policies and Procedures


I. Class Rules

A. Be Prompt – Please be in your seat by the tardy bell. Promptness also includes your class work/homework.


B. Be Prepared – Have all necessary materials for class with you every day. This includes any class related books, pencils/black or blue pens, highlighters, and paper – among other things.


C. Be Productive – For the best learning environment for you and those around you, follow directions and stay on task at all times. Being off task includes talking about subjects other than the ones we are discussing for class, reading inappropriate materials – or appropriate materials at inappropriate times, cell phone use (other than anything I allow for any reason that positively contributes to class), and anything else I deem distracting and disruptive. If you have questions about directions, please ask in a polite manner.


D. Be Polite – Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be careful even with your joking with others. No racial slurs, name calling, cussing, talking back, or bullying is acceptable in the classroom.


            E. Be Patient – Wait and actively listen while your teacher or another student has

the floor to speak. Teacher has the floor at all times and extends permission to students.



ALL SCHOOL RULES APPLY TO THIS CLASSROOM. This includes the district policies for cellphones.


II. Materials

            A. Textbook/close reader/novel when needed

            B. Blue or black ink pens/pencils every day

C. Three-ring binder with college-ruled paper and sections labeled for the following Bell Ringers, Class work, Handouts, Tests, and Writing – every day.


III. Grading Procedures

A. Grades are determined by total points at the end of each grading period, this is not the same as percentages.

            B. Tests and essays will be 100 points each.

            C. General class work/homework/quizzes will count 10-60 points.

            D. Large/Long-term assignments will be no less than 100 points and not exceed

200 points.




IV. Late Work

A. I do NOT accept late homework or in-class work. If you don’t turn in your work at the beginning of class, it will not be graded. You may only turn in late work for an excused absence or approved extreme circumstance. Be prepared.

B. Exceptions: Any large assignment (that is not broken into parts for grading) will be docked a letter grade a day. Essays will be docked a letter grade a day. See below for summer reading.

D. Make-up work will only be graded if an absence has been excused.

C. If you have any problems with home assignments, email me before 6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday in order to receive a response the same day (Allyson.Householder@mail.okaloosa.fl.us). Any emails sent after 6:30 p.m. Mon-Thurs will be addressed the following morning. Any emails sent after 6:30 p.m. Friday evening will be addressed the following Monday morning.


V. Plagiarism

A. Do your OWN WORK. This includes your homework. Do not copy someone else’s work for any class. Copied work will receive no credit.

B. If a piece of work is found NOT to be the student’s own work, that student will receive a ZERO and will receive an office referral. Tests will be treated likewise.

C. If work is copied, the person who allowed copying will also be penalized along with the person that did the copying.


VI. Make-Up Work

A. Students, YOU are responsible for checking designated boxes or with peers or with me about what you missed during an absence. YOU are responsible for making sure your make-up work is returned in a timely manner. I won’t ask for it.

B. Make-up work should be completed by five days after you return from an absence. A zero will be the grade place-holder until work is complete. After five days, the grade will remain as a zero permanently.

C. If you know you will be out, let me know ahead of time so you don’t fall behind.


VII. Re-writes/Extra-credit

A. You may re-write any timed essay at a time designated by the teacher. If you choose to re-write, your final grade for a timed essay will be the average of the two scores.

B.  Extra credit may be given at teacher’s discretion, and will always be open to everyone willing to participate. Most likely, extra credit will involve writing. Extra credit will not be extended to any student on an individual basis and should not be sought by student.


VIII. Online Grades

            A.  There will be at least one grade update online per week.

            B. If there are any questions about grades, you may ask before or after school. Class time is not an

appropriate time to address one individual’s grade.

C. General grades will typically be posted within one week of the due date. Essays and projects may take up to 10 school days after due date.


IX. Comprehensive Exams: Nine weeks and Semester Exams will have a combination of multiple choice items and writing prompts.




X. Summer Reading – Students who attended Choctaw for 9th and 10th grade received summer reading assignments before the end of the 2013-2014 school year. The assignments can also be found on the school website under information and then Summer Reading. The summer reading was also available through guidance all summer. These assignments are due August 24th at the beginning of class. If you turn the assignment in earlier, you will receive ten bonus points. Late assignments will be deducted ten points per day for five days. Then they will no longer be accepted. Students transferring will have until the end of the 9 weeks to complete the summer reading assignment.


XI. Contact and Updates Information

A. Feel free to email me Monday – Friday before 6:30 p.m. at Allyson.Householder@mail.okaloosa.fl.us

B. An edmodo class account will be set up soon, as well, as a portal for updates and potential discussions. I will give more information on that as it becomes available.

C. I will be keeping a contact list of emails for students and parents. This requires emails for students and parents as well as a working phone number for parents.



XII. Additionally… The following are DISTRICT POLICIES

A.If a cell phone is out for any reason at all, whatsoever, during a test, the student will receive a ZERO on his/her test, the phone will be confiscated and referred to the office, and the parent will be notified.

B.If a student talks during a test, the student will receive a zero and a referral, and the parent will be notified.



Please cut and turn in the information below this line.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of Ms. Householder’s classroom for the 2014-2015 school year.




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