Your Guidance Counselor is someone you should get to know very well.  We have four outstanding counselors this year.  They are:

Ms. Keck             Students with last names beginning with A-K       ext. 12634

Ms. Brock            Students with last names beginning with L-Z       ext. 12641

Ms. White             IB/AP/AICE Coordinator                                          ext. 12640

Ms. Ellenburg      Testing and Special Programs                                ext. 12684

If the counselor doesn’t answer the phone, please leave a message. Each counselor spends a lot of time with students and parents and is not always able to answer her phone. She will get back with you the same day or the first thing the next day if you call late in the afternoon. The counselors work the same daily hours as the teachers—6:45 AM until 2:15 PM.  If you need to have a parent/teacher conference, the counselor will set the conference up and if requested, will attend the conference.

Guidance FAQ's


Military and Family Life Counselor

Need to talk? Stop in or schedule an appointment.

Military and Family Life Counselors are here to listen!

Contact our Military and Family Life Counselors directly on the Choctawhatchee High School campus at (850) 417-2193.

About the Military and Family Life Counselors Program

Choctawhatchee High School is excited to announce a valuable resource on our campus, a Child and Youth Behavioral Counselor from the Military and Family Life Counseling Program (CYB-MFLC).  This program provides a full time counselor on our school campus who will be available to provide non-medical counseling services and support to military families at no additional cost to the families or the school district.

The CYB-MFLC services are designed to offer extra support to assist with the unique challenges faced by military families.  CYB-MFLC counselors are licensed clinicians who have demonstrated expertise in working with children.  They can provide short-term non-medical counseling support in a variety of different ways: through individual meetings with children, presentations about life skills issues, skill-building group discussions, and meeting with parents and families at their request.  While meeting with children, CYB-MFLC counselors always remain in line of sight of a teacher, staff member, or a parent.

The primary focus of the Military and Family Life Counseling Program is prevention, education, and counseling support; the services provided are confidential (with the exception of mandated state, federal, and military reporting requirements such as domestic violence, child abuse, and duty to warn situations) and no case records or documentation is kept.  The counselors do not assess or diagnose and when they encounter more in depth issues/diagnoses, they offer to connect military families with other helping agencies available on the installation or in the community.

Some of the common issues that CYB MFLCs help with are:

·       Stress management and coping skills

·       Short and long term goal setting

·       Anger management/conflict resolution

·       Deployment and reintegration issues

·       Feelings associated with separation and divorce

·       Grief and loss reactions

·       Self-esteem and confidence

·       Communication skills

·       Leadership skills

All military families will be given the opportunity to consent for their children or opt-out from this free service, provided by Department of Defense.  For more information about MFLC services, contact Choctawhatchee High School at (850) 833-3614 or contact the CYB-MFLC on campus directly at (850) 417-2193.

Child and Youth Behavioral-Military and Family Life Counselor Program

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