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Supporting/Saving Our Spartans (SOS)

SOS is an initiative to enable students to report anonymously any suspicious, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior that is occurring on the school campus (examples: Bullying, Drugs, Fighting).  By reporting this type of behavior you are helping keep your school a safe place for learning.

Complete the form below the SOS Life Preserver to send a report to the guidance department.

When writing your message, please include as much information as possible, such as:

  • What behavior is occurring?
  • Who is engaging in the behavior?
  • Who is the victim of the behavior?
  • When is it occurring?
  • Where is it occurring?
  • Are there witnesses to the behavior?

Please use the SOS form  to help stop bullying and other problems, and remember that SOS submissions are completely anonymous. If you don't provide enough information, we can't act.

An example of a poor SOS submission is "Joe keeps bugging this kid in my first period." This submission is bad because Joe is a common name; we don't know which Joe is being discussed. We don't know who submitted the report, so "my first time block" could be any one of 50 on campus.

A better version of this submission would be: "Joe Smith keeps bugging John Doe in Mrs. Nelson's first period." This gives us enough information to act.

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