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February 1, 2021 
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Our Childcare Program will be open both weeks of the Christmas break on the following dates with our normal holiday times!



Dec. 23







Holiday times will start out from 6am -6pm but times are subject to change depending on children arrival and pick–up times.

Please bring a lunch and snack for your child.

Thank you and have a safe Holiday.

DEC. 8:  

Marcus Chambers, Superintendent of SchoolsSUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLSMarcus Chambers  okaloosa County School District Superintendent of Schools, can be reached at 850.689.7185, by email at chambersm@okaloosaschools.com, or by contacting Amber Floyd, at amber.floyd@okaloosaschools.com.

Read Superintendent’s Messages About Coronavirus Here!    <click to read   


Review of 2nd Semester Options for mySchool Online (MSO) students:  

OCSD Letterhead

Dear mySchool Online Parent/Guardian,

I hope that you and your family are doing well as we move into the final weeks of the first semester of a challenging 2020-2021 school year. The purpose of this letter is to share with you the ongoing educational options that are available to your child as we move into the second semester. Please review the information carefully and contact your school with additional questions.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Emergency Order No. 2020-EO-07 on November 30th requiring all Florida schools to remain open for in-person instruction through the Spring 2021 semester. Additionally, school districts will continue to offer innovative learning platforms as an option for families. As you know, in Okaloosa County that learning platform is mySchool Online. The Emergency Order guarantees that parents throughout Florida will continue to have options for their child’s education for the remainder of this school year.

In an effort to support struggling students, the Emergency Order went a step further and stated that students enrolled in innovative learning platforms (mySchool Online) who are not making adequate progress must return to school for in-person learning for the second semester unless they acknowledge in writing that they wish to keep their child in the program despite their poor performance. Poor academic performance can lead to grade retention, inability to earn course credits, or failure to graduate, which we will all work to prevent.

mySchool Online parents whose students are not making adequate progress will receive an individual letter and follow up call from the school beginning next week to discuss re-enrolling their student for in-person learning. The letter will also explain to parents what they must do if they wish for their academically at-risk child to stay enrolled in mySchool Online.

Second semester does not begin until Tuesday, January 26th; however, we encourage families to finalize plans by Friday, December 18th to give schools time to position teachers and other resources where needed.

Review of 2nd Semester Options for mySchool Online (MSO) students

  1. Any MSO student may return to the brick and mortar school for any reason. Simply contact the school and let them know you would like to return. For the vast majority of students, in-person learning is the most successful academic environment.
  2. MSO students who are not making adequate progress will be individually contacted to discuss a return to the brick and mortar school per the Emergency Order. A parent opt-out is available as stated above.
  3. A student who is doing well in MSO may continue with MSO into the second semester. Some teacher changes may occur as schools adjust schedules based on decisions families make. At the secondary level, students will likely have to select new electives for second semester. Your school will assist with that process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I notify the school if my child is returning to the building for the 2nd semester?

If you plan to send your child back to a brick-and-mortar school second semester, please contact your child’s school by Friday, December 18th. Early contact with your child’s school will expedite scheduling second-semester courses and changing teacher assignments.

Where can I find information about COVID-19 cases in my child’s school or other COVID-19 related information?

A COVID-19 dashboard is available on our website showing weekly cases by school and overall district totals from the beginning of the year: Visit https://www.okaloosaschools.com/articles/2020/covid-dashboard  to review this information. The Department of Health provides information to the school district one week in arrears. This website is updated as soon as information is received, which typically occurs Monday of each week.

Parents may be interested to know that the Department of Health has recently reported that 90% of all COVID cases among students and staff were the result of exposure outside of the school setting. Transmission within school buildings remains low.

Are there any changes to mask requirements?

No. Masks are strongly encouraged everywhere social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are required on buses.

Are there any changes to quarantine requirements as a result of recent changes in CDC guidelines?

Not yet. The Florida Surgeon General and Florida Department of Health are currently reviewing the new CDC guidelines. The school district will be notified by the Okaloosa Department of Health if/when it is able to adjust quarantine requirements.

Where can I find out about a bus stop for my child?

Contact your child’s school for bus route information.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact your child’s school with specific questions you may have about returning. They will be more than happy to assist you.

We are committed to providing you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about returning to in-person learning in January, and we remain committed to supporting our students and families in any way that we can. This has been a challenging year to say the least, but together, we will get through this!

Thank you so much!

Marcus Chambers

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November 5, 2020: UPDATE

Don't Let Homelessness Stop Your Education 

If you are staying temporarily with someone else because you had to leave your home, or staying in a motel, campground, shelter, or in an outside or inadequate place, you have special rights at your school(elementary, middle, and high school). For more information contact your school counselor or Title I/IX office 850-301-3008.

Those rights include:

  • Staying in the same school even if you move, and receiving transportation to that school, as long as it is in your best interest
  • Enrolling in school immediately without the documents schools usually require, and without a parent or guardian
  • Receiving free school meals
  • Getting help with school supplies, including what is needed to participate in distance learning and other needs
October 21, 2020: Important Quarantine Update from Superintendent of Schools, Marcus Chambers :

We prepared this letter to send to parents prior to a press conference held by Governor DeSantis yesterday afternoon. During the conference, the Governor stated that healthy students should not be quarantined. Governor DeSantis has been a champion for students throughout this difficult year and provided guidance and resources that have greatly benefitted the students of Okaloosa County. Upon hearing the Governor’s comments, we reached out to the Department of Health, who has the statutory authority to quarantine, to see if it had received updated directives or emergency orders that would change how they contact trace and quarantine students. We also spoke with the Florida Department of Education in hopes of receiving information. We have been told that the Florida Department of Health is meeting to determine next steps, and we will update you as soon as we receive information that changes what is stated below.

Dear Parents,

Many parents have asked about contact tracing and the quarantining of students after a positive COVID result is found in a school. We have shared information about this topic on our website, social media, email, and through District-created documents such as our Chronicles in COVID. However, considering recent increases in the number of quarantined students in some of our schools, we are taking this opportunity to share answers to some of the questions we have been receiving to continue to keep you informed.

As parents, we all want our children to be safe, and it can be frustrating when otherwise healthy students are required to be away from school due to a required quarantine. As your Superintendent, I have experienced firsthand having a child home from school for an extended period and share your concern for all our students’ academic and social/emotional well-being.

  • Who has the authority to contact trace and mandate quarantining within a school?
    • The Department of Health in Okaloosa County (DOH) is the entity with the authority to isolate and quarantine. DOH initially allows people to agree to voluntary isolation or quarantine. However, if an individual ignores isolation and quarantine guidance, the DOH will issue a quarantine order that is enforceable under state law.

  • What starts the contact tracing and quarantining process?
    • When the School District is made aware of a confirmed positive COVID case (either student or staff), it must conduct contact tracing under the direction of the Department of Health using their guidelines. Students determined to be within six (6) feet of a positive COVID case for more than fifteen (15) minutes are defined to be close contacts and must quarantine. Per the DOH, the School District does not have any authority in this determination. It only assists in identifying the students.

  • How long does quarantine last?
    • Quarantine lasts for fourteen (14) days after last contact with a person who has COVID-19.

  • How can I keep up with the number of positive cases and quarantined students in schools?
    • We have asked the Department of Health to provide us with positive cases and quarantine numbers weekly. When we receive the information, it is shared on our website the same day.

  • Does the Superintendent or School Board have the authority to quarantine anyone?
    • No. The Superintendent and School Board have no discretion or authority to isolate or quarantine. That authority lies solely with the Department of Health.

  • Will masks or desk barriers keep a student who is a close contact from having to quarantine?
    • No. According to the Department of Health, wearing a mask or sitting behind a desk barrier will not keep a student from having to quarantine if they are a close contact.

  • If a mask or desk barrier will not keep a student who is a close contact from having to quarantine, why should they be used?
    • Face coverings and desk barriers can still be effective in limiting the spread of COVID-19, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained.

  • How will my child keep up with their classes if they are quarantined?
    • It is recommended that students who are quarantined stay enrolled in their brick and mortar classes and continue to do their schoolwork remotely from home while their place in the classroom is held for their return. Your school and teachers are committed to working with students to ensure there are no negative consequences whatsoever for students under quarantine.

  • What are the schools doing to minimize the number of students having to quarantine?
    • Schools have taken a number of steps to keep students spread out so that they are not subject to the six (6) foot requirement and continue to make adjustments. It is not feasible to keep all students and staff separated from each other within a school environment at all times. Classrooms have been spread out as much as possible to lessen the impact of contact tracing. Large gatherings have been eliminated and lunches have been spread out. These and other measures have kept quarantining numbers from being even higher.


Consistent through all of the planning and conversations this summer about wearing face coverings, practicing social distancing, enhancing cleaning and disinfecting protocols, limiting student gatherings, altering schedules, and thinning out cafeterias, was an acknowledgement that we would likely have positive COVID cases at some point this fall. That has proven to be true. Thankfully, the transmission of positive COVID cases within school buildings remains low. And we are grateful that of the positive student cases, there appear to be none that have resulted in serious illness. We will continue in our effort to make it through these challenging times and to keep you informed.

To that end, our COVID Dashboard located on the District’s website is updated weekly as soon as we receive the information from the Department of Health. We want to keep the public informed of new cases each week for both students and staff as well as totals dating to the first day of school. We also share the number of students who were quarantined each week by school as provided by the Department of Health. Remember, if your child has symptoms or has been COVID tested due to a positive individual in the household, please keep them at home until they are cleared to return to school by a physician.

If you have any additional questions about mandatory isolation and quarantine, you may contact your local and state Departments of Health at these numbers:

  • Okaloosa County Department of Health Public Information Line - 850.344.0566
  • State COVID-19 Call Center - 866.779.6121

Thank you,

Marcus Chambers, Superintendent   


October 16, 2020Upcoming EVENT :OCSD In-School Flu Clinics  
October 12, 2020  UPDATE:
OCSD In-School Flu Clinics OCSD has partnered with Health Hero Florida to offer no-cost in school vaccinations to our students and staff during the school day. Schools have sent the consent forms home. For families who would like a flu shot, simply complete the form and send it back to your school. ONLY those students with completed consent forms will receive the immunization. Health Hero Florida makes immunizations available to every child in an effort to stop diseases like the flu in their tracks and reduce absenteeism in schools.  
October 6, 2020  UPDATE:
October 6, 2020  UPDATE:
October 2, 2020  UPDATE:  

Updated: Information for mySchool Online parents on optional return to brick and mortar building at the 2nd nine weeks



mySchool Online Parents/Guardians:

Thank you for your patience, support and feedback during the first weeks of the 2020-2021 school year. This undertaking would not be possible without parents involved in helping our learners navigate the digital world and instructional platforms. We applaud all of your efforts toward ensuring your student is engaged and successful especially at a time when there is so much going on all around us.

We have reached the halfway point of the 1st nine-weeks of school and wanted to provide you with information in case you are considering a return to brick-and-mortar instruction for your child. As mentioned in the call out earlier this week, students have the option to remain in the mySchool Online program or return to the school building for the 2nd nine-weeks. No matter which choice you make, we are here to support you.


OPTION 1: STAYING IN mySchool ONLINE for the 2nd nine-weeks

Q.  Do I have to notify anyone if my child is staying in mySchool Online?

A.  No action is needed. Students staying in mySchool Online should continue with their coursework under the guidance and direction of the teacher. Those choosing to stay online will be expected to remain there until the end of the first semester in January.

Q.  What should parents know about grades in the mySchool Online program that may be an adjustment from what they are used to?

A.  Grades for mySchool online coursework are awarded by semester. That means those staying in mySchool Online will not receive a “traditional” report card until the end of the 2nd nine-weeks. You can, however, track your child’s progress and grades regularly in their online courses. Keep in mind that there are two components to your child’s grade: 1) how well they perform on the work they have done, and 2) how much of the work they are completing. Example: Making good grades on the assignments that have been completed but being five weeks behind should be of concern to the parent. Please check with your child’s teacher to make sure you understand both their performance and pacing because both will impact the grade at the end of the semester.

Secondary mySchool Online students who currently spend some of their day in the building will receive a traditional report card for those courses.

Q.  Can my child return to brick-and-mortar instruction for part of the day?

A.  Yes, this is possible for secondary students, but keep in mind that parents would be responsible for transportation for students attending partial days. Please notify your school and they will work with you to develop a possible schedule.

OPTION 2: RETURNING TO CAMPUS for the 2nd nine-weeks

Q.  When do I have to notify the school if my child is returning to the school building for the 2nd nine-weeks.

A.  If you’re child plans to return to school for the second nine weeks, please contact your school by Friday, October 9th to let them know. Those who do not notify the school by October 9th are expected to remain online until the end of the first semester in January.

Q.  When does the 2nd nine-weeks begin?

A.  The first day of the 2nd nine-weeks is Tuesday, November 3rd.

Q.  Will my student keep their same teacher(s) when they return to the building for classes?

A.  It depends. If a large number of students return to the school building, online teachers would also return, and they may be paired together. However, it is likely that students will be assigned to a different teacher in many cases.

Q.  Can my child return to brick and mortar for part of the day?

A.  Yes, this is possible for secondary students, but keep in mind that parents would be responsible for transportation for students attending partial days. Please notify your school and they will work with you to develop a possible schedule.

Q.  How will my child’s grades be transferred into the school building?

A.  Students returning to the school building will receive a traditional report card at the end of the 1st nine-weeks. The grades on the report card will be transferred from either the Edgenuity or Accelerate platform depending on the student’s grade level. To ensure the best possible grade transfer, returning students should focus on completing 50% of each course by the end of the first nine-weeks in addition to doing as well as they can on all assignments and tests. Doing poorly on work and being behind pace both have a negative impact on a student’s grade. For more detailed information on how grades in Edgenuity or Accelerate are calculated, contact your child’s teacher or your school’s mySchool Online administrator.

Q.  Where can I see information about COVID cases in my child’s school or other COVID-related information?

A.  COVID dashboard will be available on our website at the beginning of next week that will show weekly results by school as well as overall district totals from the beginning of the year. Visit www.okaloosaschools.com to review this and other information. Contact your school for more information.

Q.  Has there been any change in mask requirements?

A.  Not at this time. Masks are strongly encouraged everywhere social distancing cannot be maintained. Masks are required on school buses.

Q.  Where can I find out about a bus stop for my child?

A.  Your school can help with that information.

Q.  What if I have more questions?

A Please contact your school with specific questions about returning.

We hope to provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about whether to return to the school building in November, and we are committed to supporting our students and families whichever choice is made.

Thank you so much!

Marcus Chambers


OCT.2,2020      CLICK FOR OCTOBER NEWSLETTER            

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September 27,2020  : UPDATE : EVERYONE EATS FREE 
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                                                                   ALL CHILDREN UNDER 18 
Dear Okaloosa County School Families, Early last week, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture announced that that they were extending a program which allows Free Breakfast and Lunches to be provided to school students through December 22, 2020. At this time the free meals for all students will only run until December 22, 2020, or until funding runs out, at which time statuses will return to Paid, Free and Reduced rates based on qualifications and applications so please return free and reduced meal applications as soon as possible to avoid any gap in benefits. Beginning on Monday, September 8 th, the Okaloosa County School District will begin offering a FREE breakfast and Free lunch to each student for every school day. We will also be offering meals for students to take home and enjoy on days when they are distance learning. We will provide a full breakfast and lunch that students can pick up from any of our cafeterias – all free of charge! Please check with the school prior to picking up meals to verify scheduled pick up times. We encourage all families to take advantage of this great program. We remain committed to providing students access to healthy, nutritious and wholesome meals while assuring the utmost food safety without compromising quality. Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
Regards, The Nutrition Group and Okaloosa Food Services      

September 4,2020 


Information on Returning to Brick and Mortar School

OCSD logo


The expectation for families who signed up for mySchool Online is that their student remains in the online program for at least the first nine week of the school year. However, during the first several days of school, a number of families have requested to change their child’s placement from mySchool Online back to the school building. The School District is sensitive to the needs of individual families who may have had significant changes to family dynamics in the past month and would like to accommodate these requests.

With that in mind, and considering that all of our teacher staffing and scheduling, both virtually and in our buildings, is based on choices that parents have made, it is necessary to establish a deadline for this beginning-of-year movement to ensure our staffing is appropriate, class size is maintained, and there is minimal overall disruption to the educational process.


Please contact your school no later than Thursday, September 10th for help.

After Thursday, September 10th, families will be required to wait until the after the 1st nine-weeks ends on October 30th in order to return to the brick and mortar school. More information will follow on returning to brick and mortar at that time.

As a reminder, brick and mortar students are able to transition to mySchool Online at any time by contacting their school.

We thank our families in advance for adhering to these timelines as we work to give them options for their student(s).






September 4,2020:

   We have given yearbooks to teachers to distribute to current students. Any student that no longer attends BSE or are enrolled at BSE but are taking classes online may come by the front office M-F between 9-12 to pick up their purchased yearbook. Please remember September 7 is a holiday and we will not be open.

September 2,2020    


Image may contain: text that says 'We havereceived 2otification that our 2020 yearbooks are scheduled to arrive Thursday, September If you ordered yearbook and your child currently attends Bob Sikes we will give it to their current teacher to distribute. If your child, no longer attends Bob Sikes we will notify you by phone and make α Facebook post for pick up date and time.'

mySchool Online students who have qualified for Federal Free and Reduced Lunch status who do not have a device checked out can get one here.


Parents must sign a District Acceptable Use Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions document in order to receive a device.
Families will not be able to check out a device if they have not returned one that was checked out at the end of last year. If you still have a device from last year, or are ready to turn back in your device, bring it to one of the depot locations.
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September 1,2020 

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August 31, 2020  

We were so excited to see everyone today! Our first day back went pretty well. We were able to have all students temperatures checked and in class by 8:05 AM and all students were dismissed by 3:00. We ask that you continue to be patient with arrival and dismissal.
Please remember to follow the car ramp map to help with the flow of traffic.


We can't wait to see you all again tomorrow!

August 29,2020