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Parents, any medication that your child requires MUST be brought in to the clinic by you, not by your child.  This includes anything from cough drops to inhalers.  If the child wishes to carry the inhaler or any other emergency medication they must get a doctors order and have it on file in the clinic.

Also the medication MUST be age appropriate in order to be given to the child.  An example would be if the bottle says children and adults 12 and older, if the child is 11years old, the medication cannot be given, and I can only go by the age of the child, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor. 

For every child with every individual medication a separate medication disbursement form must be filled out.  Even if there is more than one child sharing the medication, such as cough drops, each child must have their own paperwork.  If one child has more than one medication a form has to be filled out for each medication.

You can see full details and download the form from this web page:   MIS 5183 Dispersion of Medication Form



Donations of the following items would also be greatly appreciated:

Zip lock bags for ice, band-aids, Lysol disinfectant spray, Lysol/disinfectant wipes ,small plastic cups(3oz), antibacterial hand soap, hand sanitizer, and pads/tampons.


Thanks so much.

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