Calling All Volunteers and Mentors


What is a mentor?

A mentor is a caring adult, a role model, an advisor, a good listener, and an accountability partner who supports the role of parents by encouraging a young person to stay focused on their education and live up to their potential.

What are the qualifications?

Adults who enjoy spending time with young people and who can commit to meeting with a student at school one day a week for about 30 minutes can mentor.

What are the benefits?

Mentored students experience more success in school and have move positive attitudes toward school, their teachers, and their peers.   They are more self-confident, more trusting, better able to express themselves and face daily challenges.

Mentors experience the satisfaction of a friendship with a young person and the knowledge that by helping develop the character of a young person, they are improving the well-being of our community and nation.

How can I become a mentor?

Complete a mentor information form.

Submit to a background screening.

Attend mentor training.


Mentor Handbook

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteers Apply HERE 

 All volunteers must have a Volunteer Affidavit on file in the front office.  Please fill out the form at least 2 weeks prior to volunteering.  Each form must be verified before an individual can volunteer their time.  Thanks for understanding this policy.


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