Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)




2017 - 2018 Officers

 President:   Michelle Rock

Vice President:   Karen Baer

Treasurer:   TBD

Secretary:   Nita Springle




Let your voice be heard and volunteer your time at our school.  The PTO meetings are open to everyone.  The PTO will meet on the following dates at 3:00pm in the Conference Room.  



Click on the date to view the minutes for that meeting.












 Here are some ways that you can help at home.


Box Tops 4 Education – – Please checkout this website. The website offers different sweepstakes. Right now if you register daily our school has a chance to win 25,000 box tops. There are other ways that parents can contribute through the site such as the Marketplace. There are collecting forms if you would like to do something with your student. Color the form, attach the box tops, and submit to the teacher. At the end of each month the box tops are counted and the classroom with the most box top for their grade level will be award a popsicle party. The classroom that ends up with the most box tops for the end of the year will get a pizza party.

Tyson Labels – – Please checkout this website. The labels that we collect are worth .24 a label. We can turn the labels in when we reach a 100. The site will let you know what products are participating.

Labels for Education – – Please checkout this website. There are different offers on this website that will help the children. The site provides a list of participating items. You might hear that we are collecting Campbell’s Soup Labels. That is the same thing as the labels for education. I say that we are collecting Campbell’s Soup Labels and I have to change my way and say Labels for Education. We earn points and then we can shop out of a catalog to purchase for the school. The teachers will be looking at the catalog and making suggestions of items they could use. The request will be addressed at the PTO meeting and voted on the items at that time.

Coke Rewards – - We are collecting Coke Rewards again this year. The coke caps and codes on cases of coke products are keyed in and points are earned. The points will then be used to purchase items for the school. The teacher will look at the items in a catalog. They will make suggestions. The request will be addressed at the PTO meetings and voted on to see what items will be order.  

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