Lunchroom News


STUDENT BREAKFAST PRICES                    

                                                  Regular     $1.80                                                   

                                  Reduced     0.30                                   

Extra milk $0.65



Regular    $2.55

Reduced $0.40



Breakfast $2.25

Lunch $3.75

However, these prices are subject to change.


Lunchroom Rules

For breakfast a student can choose a minimum of three items, one of them must be a fruit.

The choices for breakfast include one milk, one fruit, one bread/ grain item and a second bread/grain or meat if offered.


The rules for lunch are as follows

You have to choose a minimum of three items, one of them must be a fruit or vegetable.

The choices for lunch include one milk,  a minimum of one fruit or vegetable, you may take more of the fruits and vegetables if you choose, one meat and one bread/grain.



Lunchroom Notes

We ask that everyone try to remember to bring their lunch money each day.  The students can prepay as much as they can afford.  It is always better to have money in their account - even if they think they don’t need it.  You never know when a loved one might forget their lunch at home, or leave it on the bus.


We also ask that each student do their very best to learn their 5 digit PIN number.  It really helps the lines flow properly and it helps everyone get through the cash register quickly.


We care about all the students and parents and will do our very best to serve you the best meals possible with great customer service.