Okaloosa County Students Attend TeCMEN Industry Day

Okaloosa County Students Attend TeCMEN Industry Day

Students from eight High Schools were selected to attend the TeCMEN Industry Day as an Okaloosa County Youth Ambassador representing the Okaloosa County School District. The forum provided an opportunity for “introductions” to local industry and the local current and future employment opportunities.

In addition to hearing from key community leaders, the students had the opportunity to meet with numerous exhibitors in the Technical Showcase. The Exhibitors generously agreed to share information in such areas as their business overviews, needed job-seeker skills, and business projections/growth.

Tenth graders at Laurel Hill School, Calie Steele and Maryssa Bryan shared they enjoyed “learning about all of the different industries and were impressed with how many jobs are in this field.”

Kim Nihill-Taylor, an Assistant Principal at Niceville High School, stated the best take away she had from the event was, “all of the opportunities for the students to be involved while they are in school taking classes and interning will better prepare them for their career paths.” She went on to state she really appreciated that the kids were given the opportunity to be Ambassadors with the community and businesses and that Dr. Hsu made this possible for them.

Alia Scotka, an 11th grader at Niceville High School, stated that she learned that there are a lot of “opportunities in place for internships” and since she is only a junior, she has a lot of time to think about what she wants to pursue in college.

Tommy Eggers, a senior at Niceville High School who is considering majoring in Mechanical Engineering, shared that he learned there are a lot of career opportunities in that field here in the local area.

“The opportunity for the principals and students to attend Industry Day for the third year is changing the conversations between industry, educators, and our students. It’s been incredible to watch this happen,” said Cindy Gates, Director Office of Community Affairs, Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation, Career Technical Education (CTE).

The School District sincerely thanks the Dr. Paul Hsu Family Educational Foundation for generously covering the $75 fee for each attendee to participate.

To see more pictures from this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.