School Grades Released by the Florida Department of Education - Okaloosa Shines


From Superintendent Chambers:

“The release of school grades is always an exciting time for Okaloosa Schools. I am extremely proud to report that the students, teachers, and schools continued a legacy of academic excellence. We’ve increased the percentage of A and B schools while decreasing the percentage of C schools. The hard-working students, teachers, staff and school administrators deserve all the credit for this outstanding performance.”

“69% of our schools achieved a designation of an A by the state of Florida while 97% of our schools were and A or B. Though we did very well as school district, we know there are still areas where we can improve. For the sake of every student in our school district, we will do just that… strive to get even better because our students’ futures are what’s at stake.”

Twenty-five schools earned an A this year, up from twenty-two last year with most of our schools either improving or maintaining their school grade.

School Grades are based on proficiency in tested subject areas as well as learning gains that students make from year to year. The school grade calculation also takes acceleration into consideration. For example, middle school students who earn industry certifications or who show proficiency in high school math courses such as Algebra and Geometry boost their school’s grade. Likewise, high schools earn acceleration points for those students who earn industry certifications or are successful in college-level coursework. High school graduation rates are also a component of the school grade.

Overall, the District earned an A grade again. Okaloosa is one of only three districts in Florida to earn an A in every year since more rigorous assessments were implemented by the Department of Education. “I am extremely proud that our students and teachers have once again been recognized for their hard work,” stated Chambers.

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