Mike Fantaski, Lewis School Principal, Recognized by Florida TaxWatch

Mike Fantaski, Lewis School Principal, Recognized by Florida TaxWatch

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, Florida TaxWatch recognized Addie R. Lewis Middle School Principal, Mike Fantaski, for his outstanding leadership and positive influence on students. Principal Fantaski was one of nine 2018-19 Principal Leadership Award winners. 

Florida TaxWatch established the Principal Leadership Awards (PLA) program in 2013 to identify Florida’s most effective principals in high-risk K-12 public schools, recognize, and reward their work, and promote their transformational practices throughout the state.

In conjunction with honoring Principal Fantaski, Florida TaxWatch Vice President of Research Bob Nave and the Florida Prepaid College Foundation Director Cindy O’Connell awarded a 2-Year Florida College Plan Scholarship to Hayden White, an outstanding student, as part of the Academic A+ Scholarship Program, co-sponsored by Florida TaxWatch and the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. This student scholarship winner was selected by their principal and must have demonstrated financial need, as well as a high level of academic achievement.

The PLA program is possible because of the support of Florida TaxWatch’s generous sponsors – The Florida Lottery, SunTrust Bank, Kyra Solutions, BrightStar Credit Union, Charter Communications, J.M. Rubin Foundation, Wells Fargo, Helios Education Foundation, Gulf Power, Florida Press Association, and Ajax Building Corporation.

To see a photo gallery from this event, visit the OCSD Facebook page.

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