Sharon Dooley, NWFDN, Recognized at School Board Meeting

Sharon Dooley, NWFDN, pictured with Superintendent Marcus Chambers and Assistant Superintendent Steve Horton.

Sharon Dooley,  Northwest Florida Daily News Education Columnist, was recognized at the August 12, 2019,  School Board meeting for her outstanding support of Okaloosa County Schools through the Northwest Florida Daily News School Scoops column.

“If you've ever had a child that's been in School Scoops, as a parent you've been extremely proud,”  said Superintendent Marcus Chambers.  “As a school,  when you have Mrs. Dooley writing about your students or programs that are going on at your school,  you're extremely proud.”

Sharon Dooley and her husband,  Paul,  have been residents of Okaloosa County since 1987.  In August of 1990, they sent their older son,  Andrew,  to Bluewater Elementary School.  Two years later,  their younger son,  Sean,  entered kindergarten at Bluewater.  That began several years of volunteering by both Sharon and Paul.  In 1997,  Dooley became an employee of the Okaloosa County School District serving as a Media Center aide.  A year later she was asked to write the school scoops column for Northwest Florida Daily News,  a job she performed outside of her media assistant duties.  Although Sharon eventually left the School District,  she continued writing school scoops, focusing on the good news about our schools.

Chambers shared that as,  “a graduate of Texas Christian University School of Journalism,  Mrs. Dooley applies old-fashioned journalism to modern-day media.  She believes that public school education is a four-way partnership amongst the students,  the educators,  the volunteers,  and the community as a whole.  All the partners must work together to ensure the success of the product which is seeing that our students grow into healthy productive and successful adults.”