Winners of the 2019 Okaloosa County K-12 Student Art Show Announced

Winners of the 2019 Okaloosa County K-12 Student Art Show Announced

The Okaloosa County School District and the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation presented the 2019 Okaloosa County K-12 Student Art Show on April 24 and 25, 2019, at the C.H. “Bull” Rigdon Fairgrounds in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. A reception was held the evening of April 25th to present the Best of Show awards to the middle school and high schools artists for 2-D and 3-D works.

For the nineteenth consecutive year, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation has participated as a co-sponsor with the Okaloosa County School District in this annual student art show. To see a photo gallery of this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.

Congratulations to the 2019 Okaloosa County K-12 Art Show Winners:

Maggie Wollard – 2D Superlative
Emily Day – Art Teacher/Niceville HS
Title of the art piece: “Psalm 95:1”

Maggie Wollard - 2D Superlative

Maggie Wollard - 2D Superlative - Psalm 95:1

Ms. Day states, “This student has been at Niceville High School for three years now. She works incredibly hard and her work more than shows her artistic capabilities. This student is consistently coming up with new and innovative ideas with each prompt or project idea. Her piece Psalm 95:1 epitomizes her range and confidence with her medium and successful execution of such a dynamic and creative piece of artwork. She is a pleasure to teach and is truly a remarkable artist. It is truly an honor to be able to teach a student of her caliber and I am truly lucky I have students, like this one, who are so talented and fun to teach.”

Olivia Flanagan – 3D Superlative
Alex Pottinger – Art teacher/Crestview HS
Title of the art piece: “Tree Huggers”

Olivia Flanagan – 3D Superlative

Olivia Flanagan – 3D Superlative - Tree Huggers

Olivia Flanagan is a junior at Crestview High School and has previously taken Pottery 1 and 2 and is currently in pottery 3 honors.  Olivia plans on taking AP 3D art next year as a senior.  She is a member of the Crestview Cross County Varsity Team, Varsity track, and Varsity Soccer.  She loves hanging out at the beach with friends any spare minute she gets.  After high school, Olivia plans to go to college and study nursing, as well as join the Air Force.

Anna Keim – 2D Best of Show – Middle School
Gina Piccorossi – Art Teacher/Ruckel Middle School
Title of the art piece: “Wolf”

Anna Keim - 2D Best of Show - MS

Anna Keim – 2D Best of Show – Middle School - Wolf

Ms. Piccorossi states, “Anna Keim is an 8th-grade student at Ruckel Middle School. She has a wide variety of interests, art being at the top of the list. She loves working in all mediums, but at the moment painting, drawing, digital art, and textiles are her favorites. Anna is a very self-motivated and creative art student, who is constantly making art in her free time.”

Olivia Mead – 3D Best of Show – Middle School
Abby Brown – Art Teacher/Liza Jackson Preparatory School
Title of the art piece: “Green Jeep”

Olivia Mead – 3D Best of Show – Middle School

Olivia Mead – 3D Best of Show – Middle School - Green Jeep

Olivia states, “To me, art is the imagination’s purest way of expressing its perspective of the world.   My ability to express what I imagine through my artworks continues to grow as I learn new forms and styles of visual art during art classes. I realize that having new and interesting art forms taught to me is not just fun, but it is a valuable privilege that not everyone has available and that I should not take for granted. 

My personal love for art together with my appreciation for having such great art teachers available to help me have inspired me to put forth as much effort as possible in my class so that I live up to my fullest artistic potential. It is also my hope that in the future I can open an art studio of my own to raise money to help teach art classes to children who have not been as fortunate as Liza Jackson students who have nice art supplies and the best art teachers.

My art class at Liza Jackson has helped me to find beauty in things that might otherwise be overlooked or be considered ordinary. This is part of the reason I chose a Jeep for my 3D art project.  Since I can remember my family has spent time going to fun places in different Jeeps - especially during the spring and fall when the temperature is nice and the trees and flowers are changing. So to me, the Jeep is more than just a vehicle used for transportation.  And while a Jeep in and of itself may not be a thing of beauty, when I look at my 3D art project it brings back years of good memories and it reminds of how our Jeep has been an important part of helping me to enjoy nature.”

Ora Wolfgram – 2D Best of Show – High School
Kim Moran – Art Teacher/Fort Walton Beach HS
Title of the art piece: “About Time”

Ora Wolfgram – 2D Best of Show – High School

Ora Wolfgram – 2D Best of Show – High School - About Time

Ora states, “With my earliest memory being when I was in Pre-K, where I learned how to make a simple stick-and-loop fish, I’ve always felt a personal link with the ability to transfer images from my mind into my reality. I would constantly divert all my attention into drawing or creating with any type of art supplies I had available; my family didn’t have a kitchen pantry, but an art supplies closet. I’ve always strived to ensure that I had the ability to anything I could to partake in the arts; volunteering with local art organizations, taking art classes outside and inside of school and even working as a face painter and doing the occasional odd job of painting props for events. This past year has been hectic and by far the most reflective year of my growth as an artist. I would not be nearly as successful as I am now if it weren’t for all of my mentors that have taught me so much. It isn’t only my work that’s represented on the canvas or matt boarding, but the work of the people who have supported and guided me- so I thank all of you; from my mom who’s an artist in spirit, to everyone in ADSO for being a second family and mentoring for over half of my life, and for my teachers. After graduating high school, I’m going to the University of Florida, enrolled in their School of Art and Art History where I aspire to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing.  Art has always been a constant in my life, and it’s my main priority to keep it that way.”

Kayla Griffin – 3D Best of Show - High School
Kim Moran – Art Teacher/Fort Walton Beach HS
Title of the art piece: “Father”

Kayla Griffin – 3D Best of Show - High School

Kayla Griffin – 3D Best of Show - High School - Father

Kayla states, “Before I could even talk, I expressed myself through my scribbles in crayons in coloring books. This was the start of my unofficial art career. From that point on, art became a prevalent figure in my life. Every opportunity to create something new gave me a new sense of happiness. For a short period of time, I had stopped my exploration into art. A couple of years later a friend gave me some inspiration into joining the art program at Saint Mary’s where I attended middle school. From there I won two 1st Place ribbons at the Mattie Kelly Art show with two different sculptures. After winning I realized I wanted to pursue art even more, which is why I decided to take more art classes at Fort Walton Beach High School. At Fort Walton, I found the medium that fits me perfectly, ‘Clay’! Now every day I create different sculptures in clay enjoying every minute of it. After high school, I plan to go to cosmetology school.”