Davidson MS Holds Math Boot Camp

Davidson MS Holds Math Boot Camp

Algebra and Geometry students at Davidson Middle School were separated into teams aligning with the Avengers theme to participate in half-day Boot Camp activities where they worked as a team to conquer the standards associated with their corresponding EOC the following week.

Algebra students took the first part of the day completing four different stations to go along with their four different Avenger teams - Thor, Captain America, Falcon, and Hulk. Each team worked hard at every station to not only earn points towards their teams total but to also review and deepen their understanding of the standards.

During the lunch session, Math Nation member, Chelsea, joined the Davidson family and also surprised students with a Skype session where Zach and Darnell allowed students to ask them questions and encouraged students to do their best on the EOC. The students also celebrated Ivan Acosta for winning an iPad and Apple Pencil from Math Nation.

Ivan Acosta, iPad winner

Following the incredible presentation and lunch session, Geometry students returned to their time for Boot Camp activities under the team names of Spiderman and Dr. Strange. The students worked hard on their Geometry skills while also helping build one another up and working to earn the most points for their team. Each team may have been trying to earn the most points by the end of the day, but together they made the Avengers for a day and worked incredibly hard to review for their EOC.  

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