Okaloosa County CTE hosts Social Media Training in Partnership with Gulf Power and CFEF 2019 as part of the Northwest Florida Career Pathways Funding

Social Media Training

As part of the Gulf Power Foundation/Consortium of Florida Educational Foundations (CFEF) 2019 Northwest Florida Career Pathways funding, the Okaloosa County Career and Technical Education (CTE) staff hosted a Social Media Training on November 19, 2019. The approximately 30 Okaloosa County School attendees included School Board Member, Principals, Assistance Principals, Administrative Support, Teachers, and support staff. The goal of the training was to offer guidance and assistance supporting schools incorporating CTE promotion.

Shantelle Dedicke, representing the Frances Roy Agency, conducted the social media training. Highlights of the training included overviews of the following topics:

  • Difference between Branding (Why) and Marketing (How)
  • Brand Touchpoints were reviewed:
  • Advertising
  • Voice Mail
  • Signature Block
  • Social Media training included establishing goals for social media, increasing awareness, supporting a sales effort, increasing Community engagement, and growing brand awareness.
  • There was also an in-depth discussion regarding Facebook (Business versus Personal Pages), Instagram, and Twitter (noting target audiences for each medium).
  • Canva (www.canva.com), a no cost graphic design program, was introduced and highlighted to assist with the development of social media updates.

April Branscome, Okaloosa County Career & Technical Education Program Director, and her team provided the outstanding social media training for the CTE teachers, school administrators, and the CTE Advisory Committee. The training began with introductions, acknowledgements and appreciation of the Gulf Power Foundation/CFEF providing the funding to host the event. Training participants provided positive feedback from the training indicating valuable information learned and implemented in classrooms and schools across the district.