Crestview HS HOSA Students Excel at Spring Conference

Crestview HS HOSA Students Excel at Spring Conference

Living the scrub life is not easy, but you would not know that by observing the Crestview High School Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) students at the 2019 HOSA: Future Health Professionals Region 1 Spring Conference held at Pensacola State College on January 17 and 18. Students from Escambia to Bay Counties competed in HOSA events from physical therapy to public speaking and much more.

The Crestview High School Emergency Medical Responder and Allied Health students prepared all year to compete against other HOSA chapters, and their performance was stellar.  Each event required the individual, or team, to come prepared to present or show knowledge in the area of their choosing through written and skill exams.

With the largest HOSA chapter in the region, 56 Crestview High School students placed in the category in which they competed: 42 students qualified to participate at the state level—23 in 1st place, 8 in 2nd place, 9 in 3rd place, and 14 in 4th place. In addition to excelling in the competitive events, three CHS HOSA students were elected to HOSA Region 1 leadership positions: Destyni Weiss—President, Jackson Kiewiet—Vice-President, and Katie Patterson—Parlimentarian.

When asked about being involved in the HOSA Region Conference, senior Madison Franks said, “I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to go to State and continue learning the clinical skills that I will eventually be using every day.  Some of the things I have learned were administering subcutaneous and intramuscular medications, learning how to use a catheter, and how to give oxygen through a nasal cannula.”

According to the HOSA Web site, the mission of the program is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students.

Dr. Tammy McKenzie and Sarah Meyers are HOSA sponsors and program instructors at Crestview High School.  When asked about the success of their students, Dr. McKenzie said, “They have worked so hard preparing for their events, right down to the last details of how they dressed and conducted themselves.  I am so incredibly proud of all of our HOSA students. Each and every student represented Crestview High School with pride and professionalism.”

Winners from the regional event will compete in Orlando at the state-level in April. Each student will be required to participate in fundraisers to cover the cost of their trip. If you are interested in supporting the HOSA organization, please contact Dr. Tammy McKenzie at

Congratulations, to all the Crestview High School HOSA students for a job well done!

State Qualifying Winners

Medical Reading

  • 2nd Place - Emily Grace Robinson
  • 3rd Place - Merissa Moran

Human Growth and Development

  • 1st Place - Elise Medlock


  • 2nd Place - Ortega

Prepared Speaking

  • 1st Place - Skylan Dukes

Public Service Announcement

  • 1st Place - Vivianette Alvarez / Catherine Pawlak / Rani Larue / Madison Shockley / Madison Rutledge / Amaya Murry

Forensic Science

  • 1st Place - Haley Breeden / Madison Foley

Health Career Display

  • 1st Place - Rachel Kelsey / Honglien Tran

Nursing Assisting

  • 2nd Place - Amber Etheridge

Clinical Nursing

  • 2nd Place - Madison Franks
  • 3rd Place - Madison North

Home Health Aid

  • 3rd Place - Shyania Shutt

Medical Assisting

  • 3rd Place - Angelica Perez

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Skills

  • 1st Place - Destyni Weiss / Amber Washington
  • 2nd Place - T’Kiah Johnson / Brooklyn Bernard

Physical Therapy

  • 1st Place - McKenna Curtis
  • 2nd Place - Melea Stokes
  • 3rd Place - Tiffany Walter

Pharmacy Science

  • 1st Place - Jasmine Bostick
  • 2nd Place - Nikolas Rodriguez
  • 3rd Place - Grace Dean

Public Health

  • 1st Place - Tyrone Davis / Dasenique Brissett / Marcus Murrugarra

Veterinary Science

  • 1st Place - Zachary Dietrich
  • 2nd Place - Asia Sordelet

Dental Science

  • 1st Place - Emma Medlock
  • 3rd Place - Jayden Young

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Team

  • 1st Place - Carlee Fortner / Kaitlyn Bialorucki
  • 3rd Place - Chandler Holloway / Katie Patterson

Health Care Issues

  • State Qualifiers - Elise Medlock / Katelyn Chambers

Placed in Top 5 of Respective Categories

Medical Terminology

  • 4th Place - Jackson Kiewiet (4th)

Human Growth and Development

  • 4th Place - Maddie Wood (4th)


  • 4th Place - Kira Mintz

Forensic Science

  • 5th Place - Madelyn Laggett / Shelby Henderson

Home Health Aid

  • 4th Place - Britany Harsch

Clinical Specialty (Vet Science)

  • 4th Place - Dominque Boyer

Physical Therapy

  • 4th Place - Rebekah Simon

CPR/First Aid

  • 4th Place - Elder Medina / Taevee Thyse

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Team

  • 4th Place - Shannon Vickers / Jolie Jesson

Dental Science

  • 5th Place - Lyndsey Harrison