Meghan Hansen, Antioch ES, Named District's Adult Volunteer of the Year

Meghan Hansen, Antioch ES

Meghan Hansen, Antioch Elementary School has been named the District’s Adult Volunteer of the Year. Antioch Elementary School is fortunate to have Meghan Hansen as an outstanding volunteer.  Entering her sixth year as a volunteer, she averages 12+ volunteer hours per week and has logged over 650 hours on campus during the last year and a half. The documented hours do not come close to the actual investment of time and love that she pours into Antioch’s students.  

“Mrs. Hansen is the volunteer leader of Antioch’s OVAL Arts program, impacting 946 students in the 2018-19 school year,” stated Principal, Kelli Sanders.  “While Mrs. Hansen volunteers to teach OVAL Arts in numerous classrooms, she also coordinates volunteer efforts to ensure quality art instruction reaches every student.  Impacting every grade level, Mrs. Hansen worked on approximately 30 OVAL Art lesson plans, augmenting the provided artwork with step-by-step teaching points, artistic techniques, and sample art pieces. Mrs. Hansen has also spearheaded fundraising efforts to benefit the OVAL Arts program.  She researched ideas, presented options to school personnel, organized volunteers and delivered special art lessons so that every student had an opportunity to create their own self-portrait.  Mrs. Hansen has further supported fundraising efforts by assisting teachers with their students’ individual and class projects for Fine Arts Night, as well as matting art pieces to showcase student artwork during this event. Mrs. Hansen further utilizes her artistic talents to offer face-painting during Antioch Fine Arts Night and Aviator Day.  Mrs. Hansen’s dedication to these fundraising efforts helps secure donations totaling approximately $10,000 annually, all which benefit Antioch’s students and teachers.  Mrs. Hansen also assists teachers with incorporating art into their daily instruction, for example, teaching math and science through art in 1st-grade classrooms.  Especially in these times of economic adversity, the gift of instilling an understanding and appreciation of art is one that our students might not otherwise receive.  Not only does Mrs. Hansen’s art instruction support various learning modalities, help to develop students’ critical thinking skills, and support academic achievement, she just may be setting an artist on a great career path!”  

Hansen contributes in many other ways such as supporting teachers by tearing out workbook pages, stapling lessons, filing correspondence, and organizing materials.  She understands this assistance allows teachers to spend more time doing what is most important – teaching students.  

Over the summer, she was asked to help beautify the school and set a climate of positivity for Antioch’s faculty, students, and visitors. She coordinated a team of volunteers to paint several murals, motivational quotes, and inspirational messages throughout the hallways and bathrooms at Antioch.  This year, Hansen is also volunteering as an assistant coach for Shoal River Middle School’s boys’ soccer team.  In this capacity, she uses her coaching background to pour into the athleticism and sportsmanship of 20 team members.

“It is my pleasure to see Mrs. Hansen on campus and know the positive impact that she is making on all our students,” said Sanders.  “We hope she understands how very important she is to our schools.  Her contributions are immeasurable!”