Laurel Hill School Implements House Concept

Laurel Hill School Implements House Concept

Laurel Hill School has implemented a House Concept this school year to help connect students both within and across grade levels. The houses encourage students to have a sense of pride and ownership.  It is also seen as a way to reduce bullying within schools and to create a sense of comradery, friendship, and ownership....all while enjoying a little friendly competition. 

The House Concept creates a culture of positive praise. The idea is that students’ educational experiences will be enhanced: academic learning, school spirit, increase student collaboration, personal development, group citizenship, and reward positive behavior. The staff benefits as well because: 

  • They get to work with people they do not normally interact with
  • They get to know students before they come to their grade-level and can carry on the relationship afterward 

Staff and students have been organized and grouped in four different houses. Students earn points for their houses by being recognized for positive behavior, winning house competitions, and individual academic success. Students were given a tee shirt in their house color to provide a sense of pride and belonging for each student. Students will also be given wristbands which will help staff members identify what house each student belongs to when they are to be rewarded for their efforts and successes.

"I love the idea behind this Hobo House," said Tyler Southard, Senior at Laurel Hill School. "It's an amazing way to keep all of us students here involved and most importunately helps to make sure we are setting good examples in and out of school with the house points system. As a senior, I believe this system will help future students to learn about and further their communication and helping skills in the community."

Four Houses represent what it is to be a true hobo:

  • Gold Eagle Integrity
  • Gray Stag Perseverance
  • Blue Lion Courage
  • Black Wolf Comradery

The students will earn rewards at certain times for having the most house points.

Examples for awarding house points:

  • Being a Hobo (Hobo Code)
  • If all of one house color is on time to class
  • If all of one house color has turned in homework
  • Picking up trash
  • Helping other students