Culinary Arts Students Assist Bay County

CHS Culinary Arts Students Assist Bay County

As Hurricane Michael left its devastating impact across the panhandle of Florida, the Niceville and Crestview High School Culinary of Arts students stepped up to do their part in assisting the victims.

Chef Dominic Pannelli and Chef Dave Mason, Niceville High School Culinary instructors, worked with their students to prepare 130 bagged lunches to be distributed to those in need in the Alford, Florida, area. Chef Tingle, Crestview High School, helped his students prepared 60 sausage biscuits to be distributed to hurricane victims.

Niceville High School’s bagged lunches consisted of turkey, ham and cheese sandwiches (prepared by Culinary 3 and 4 students), a bag of chips, muffins and chocolate cookies (prepared by Culinary 2 students). Ariell Carr, an 11th-grade Culinary 3 student, stated that this was “so much fun!”

Charlene Smith, a community member of Alford, was very grateful to receive the bagged lunches. She and a friend drove around the community distributing the bagged lunches and ice brought to her by Chef Pannelli, Gina White (Bluewater Elementary Daycare), and Alex Barrera (Northbay Fire Department). Smith said, “Praise was given by everyone for the lunch but the big hit was the chocolate chip cookies!”

Chef Pannelli said that while the students were excited to help, the real impact came when they put together the assembly line and started bagging the lunches. So many of the students wanted to help the victims of the storm and felt that this little bit of generosity was their way to make a contribution to so many in need. 

Not only did Chef Pannelli deliver the bagged lunches and ice to the Alford community, but he and his team also delivered gasoline for generators and cars. Chef Tingle and his family set up a table in the Publix parking lot in Lynn Haven and distributed the biscuits, as well as gas, hot dogs, and beverages to anyone in need.

While these acts of kindness helped victims in need, the Culinary of Arts program had a tremendous impact on students and taught them more than just the art of cooking!