The Antioch P.E. Department is excited to welcome you and your child this school year.
The P.E. program is aimed at the development of physically, mentally, emotionally, 
and socially fit students.  We have a wide selection of activities to offer your 
student that are designed around Florida State Standards. Classes are 40 minutes 
and all students are required to participate unless a student has a medical reason 
for exclusion.  P.E. strives to be a positive experience for all students regardless 
of athlectic ability.


Closed toe shoes and shoes without a heel are required to participate in P.E.  This is 
to ensure the safety of all students.  If you student is wearing a dress/skirt, please
make sure they have shorts underneath.  Students should be able to freely move
and not be inhibited by their clothes. 


Sportsmanship is vital to ensure the respect and proper treatment of our teachers,
friends, and equipment.  All equipment should be used in a manner in which it is 
intended.  We expect students to "treat others as they would like to be treated".

Discipline Plan

Steps start over each day:

Step 1 - Verbal Warning

Step 2 - Student completes an alternative assignment and returns to group activity.

Step 3 - Teacher calls parent.  Student completes an alternative assignment and fills
out behavior form to be signed by parent.

Step 4 - Office referral and an additional phone call home

** If an incident compromises the safety of another student or involves definance or 
disrespect towards a teacher, they will bypass Steps 1, 2 and possibly 3, depending
on the severity of the incident.

Coach Demara, Physical Educator
Coach Way, Physical Educator
Coach Gillis, PE Assistant
Coach Wilson, PE Assistant

For more information on PE or the Running Club, please click the bottom of this page

Kelli Sanders, Principal
Kelli Howard, Assistant Principal

Upcoming Events:


February 24 Yearbook orders due
February 26 Boosterthon Pep Rally for Students
  February 29

  Miss Antioch Pageant

March 5 4th grade to Mattie Kelly Arts Center for Linkup Program

 March 6 

Boosterthon FUN RUN
  March 9

  Kindergarten to Mattie Kelly Arts Center     to see "Pete the Cat"

March 10 & 11

4th Grade to Biophilia Center in Freeport with Barnes, Young, Zalucki & Zimmerman
March 13-20 Spring Break
March 23 Teacher Workday/Student Holiday

March 24 & 25

4th Grade to Biophilia Center in Freeport with Baker, Blumer, Calvin, Taylor & Roberts





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