• 2017-18 Varsity Academic Team placed 2nd at first event of the year
    2017-18 Academic Team Earns 2nd Place at First Meet of the Year
  • Students and teachers have a good time at the Comic-Con Dance
    Comic-Con Dance
  • Lego League Leads at Razorback Challenge
  • students and sponsors attended Write Nigth.
    NANOWRIMO: More STEMM Creativity
  • 6 members of the Varsity Academic team
    Academic Team "District Champs"


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Congratulations to the students and teachers of STEMM.  

Governor Scott has recognized us ranking first in 
ALL  schools in Florida for our achievement 
in ELA, Math, and Science.  


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Welcome to the Okaloosa STEMM Academy

 To read about the STEMM Academy and view the Florida 2017 school rankings go to the

Home - Mission & Vision tab on this website. 

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Okaloosa STEMM Academy hosts the Emerald Coast’s Odyssey of the Mind Spontaneous Fair at STEMM on Saturday, January 27th from 8:45-12:00.


Oklaloosa STEMM Academy hosts the Speech and Debate Tournament on  Saturday, February 10th, 2018.  


Yearbook orders can be placed online.  Click on the Pay Online For Activities image on the side bar of this webpage to place your order.


STEMM celebrates our

Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Wanda Avery and Mrs. Kimberly Gasaway


Education Staff Professional of the Year


Mrs. Wanda Avery and Mrs. Trulie Gander



Congratulations to the WINNERS of our STEMM Spelling Bee!


Grace Hickey is the WINNER.

Ethan Barnhart is the RUNNER UP.

Both will be attending the District Bee on January 18 at Niceville HS. 


FSA test dates:

March 6: FSA Writing, all grades

April 17-18: FSA Reading, all grades

April 24-25: FSA Math, grade 6 and Pre-Algebra students

May 1: FCAT Science, grade 8

May 2: Civics EOC exam, grade 8

May 8-9: ALG 1 and GEO 1 EOC exam

STEMM's Spirit Week

Neon Day1.jpg STEMMY Neon Day_0.jpg

Neon Day

Grow up day3.jpg Grow up day4.jpg

Career Day

future paleontologist.jpgGrow Up Day2.jpg

Career Day

 Hogwarts Stu.jpg Luna Lovegood.jpg

Favorite Character Day

 Ultimate Flynnguin.jpg

Favorite Character Day


STEMM's Summer Social

Students at the Summer Social



For more information about the STEMM Academy or STEMM Academy programs, please contact Wanda Avery, Principal, Okaloosa STEMM Center

at (850) 833-4120 or averyw@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us



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School Start 7:30 a.m.

School Dismissal  1:45 p.m.

Front Office Hours 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Summer Office Hours 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



By law, we are only able to release students to authorized adults, as listed by the registering parent/guardian in the database.  To update the database, the "registering parent/guardian" must present, in person, a written note and ID to school staff in the front office.  Everyone must show an ID when checking out their student.

School drop-Off/Pick-Up

*Buses will discharge in the Front Office zone (Edge Ave.)

*All car riders should discharge in the iCafe Zone (OSA bus ramp-Nordberg Ave.)

Safety first!  No phone zone!

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