Achieve 3000 Writing Requirements and Grading Procedures for written responses on Thought Question:

Argument Scoring Rubric-English

Argument Scoring Rubric-Spanish

Infographic Scoring Rubric-English

Infographic Scoring Rubric-Spanish

Informative Text Scoring Rubric-English

Informative Text Scoring Rubric-Spanish

Narrative Scoring Rubric-English

Narrative Scoring Rubric-Spanish

Summary Scoring Rubric-English

Summary Scoring Rubric-Spanish


Helpful Hints for Written Responses in Thought Question:

1.  Example of how to write a topic sentence- (MUST include title of article in quotation marks followed by a comma)

            In the article titled "In The Deep, Cold Sea," scientists have discovered unusual creatures living in the deepest oceans. 

2. Summary-

  • should contain no personal opinions
  • should consist of key information from article

3. Grammar-

  • Do NOT use "&" sign
  • NEVER put a comma before or after "because"
  • NEVER start a sentence with "but" or "and"  or any of the FANBOYS
  • FANBOYS- For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So                                                                                                                         

4. This week's grammar focus:

  • indent
  • put a space after punctuation (periods, commas, question marks, etc.)
  • 5 sentences
  • transition words with comma after (For example, Furthermore, etc.)
  • at least one compound sentence ( either I,cI or I;I)
  • capitalize proper nouns
  • IMPORTANT:  use spell check in PaperRater before submitting final draft