Very Important!!!    Please be sure to select the codes below that correspond with your class:   


Remind  (240)754-2659 or 81010

@klabuhn1  instructions

@klabuhn2  instructions

@klabuhn3  instructions

@klabuhn4  instructions

@klabuhn610  instructions

@klabuhn7  instructions my class

click one link below:

1st period-quizlet link

2nd period-quizlet link

3rd period-quizlet link

4th period-quizlet link

6th period-quizlet link

7th period-quizlet link   


Google Classroom-join my class


1st period-  

2nd period-

3rd period-   w230o

4th period-   6r1g7b

6th period-   ggd3ty 

7th period-   7u8n80


Edulastic-join my class

click on words "Edulastic" above for direct link:

1st period-  

2nd period-  

3rd period-  2C494    

4th period-   01477 

6th period-   C8EFC 

7th period-   7A404 my class

1st period-  

2nd period-  

4th period- 7xm9x9c9 

5th period- d48da8f9 

6th period- 84f9c8xx 

7th period- v9ffdc87 


Thinglink-join my class 

2nd period-GZPT86

4th period-F5GYR4

6th period-5CW8EK

7th period-U9C3XZ



Actively Learn-join my class 

1st period- 7878b

2nd period- 7ed0f

4th period- 097fd

5th period- 16bb6

6th period- b195d

7th period- 8eaf9