Book Fair Dates and Times


Tuesday, March 4- All Day

Student Class Preview

Wednesday, March 5- Student shopping all day

TEA-REX Grand Event:

11 am until 12 pm: Tea and cookies for Grandparents shopping with their students

Wednesday, March 6-  Student shopping all day 

7 am until 8 am: Muffins for Mom- for Mom's shopping with their students

Thursday, March 7- Shopping all day for students

7 am until 8 am: Donuts with Dad- for Dad's shopping with their students 

Friday, March 8 Last day of shopping

Shopping ends at 3:00  


Welcome to Wright Elementary School 

To ensure adequate supervision, please do not drop off students before 8:00 a.m. [School Board Policy 4-27, Florida Statutes 1001.41, 1001.42]

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Wireless Communication Devices: Please reference SB Policy 04-12 Part F. Technology access is a privilege and not a right. All students will have access under school supervision to Internet World Wide Web information resources through their classroom, media center, or school technology lab. The use and his/her parents must sign the District's MIS Form 5251 before being granted access to the OCSD network or the internet through a school's electronic resources. Computer access can be withdrawn from a student at any time by either a member of the school's staff or the student's parents/guardian.


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