Fitness and Nutrition

Picture of people participating in exercise class

UnitedHealthCare’s Simply Engaged wellness program offers employees covered through the Okaloosa County School District an incentive based program with up to $200 in gift card rewards for employees and spouses covered on family plans (up to $400) through Rally.  Click on the purple Rally box below for more information on ways to redeem your rewards.

In addition, UnitedHealthcare is offering the Trio Motion program with Trio Tracker activity tracking devices to all OCSD employees whether or not they are covered by UnitedHealthcare.  Contact the Insurance office at 833-3190 to order your Trio Tracker.  If you already have a Trio Tracker, note that the log-in website address changed effective June 5th.  More information is available in the Fit Feet box below.

Real Appeal is the new weight loss program offered through UnitedHealthcare for covered employees as well as spouses and adult dependents over 18 on family plans.  Hundreds of OCSD employees have already signed up and received their weight loss kits. 

Weight Watchers is offering educator discounts to groups of at least eight people.  More information on Real Appeal and Weight Watchers is below in the Weight Loss Programs Box.



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