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Physical Education

Both strong minds and strong bodies are important. We employ one full-time certified physical education teacher and one PE assistant, enabling us to provide daily PE classes for every grade level. At Plew, students enjoy 30 minutes of physical education every day.


Our physical education program focuses on skills development and physical fitness. Students do a variety of sports and games. We try to work on the skills of each game and we allow time to perform the activity. We have a variety of games and equipment for the students to play with, solo, or with a friend. If it rains and we have to go to our multipurpose room were we learn how to juggle, or play different cup stacking games, or exercise to an exercise video. The Plew Parent Leader Association also provided a new climbing apparatus for the PE program to promote the development of upper body strength in a fun way.


Our paved track has enhanced our fitness program as the students log their weekly miles. Every Thursday during P.E. time, we have a Cardiovascular fitness day we call Mile Club. The family is invited to school to participate in our Mile Club day. Students will go around our 9/10 of a mile track as many times as they can while we play music. We have lots of parents who come out to participate and cheer on their students. Toe tokens are awarded to those who finish a "card" as they run/walk.


Around the first week of May, every grade level participates in Field Day. It lasts all week with each grade level having their turn to play against each other. It is a competitive field day. Ribbons are given out to participants. We do whole class activities and individual activities. Classes sit under tents waiting for their turn. We try to get the students wet on the last activity to end the day.