Meigs Archery

Archery Coaches - Don & Jeannie Myrick

Archery information and needs for 2018 - 2019

Thoughts for the 2018-2019 archery year.  This is Don’s and my last year to lead the archery effort at Meigs.  We are most fortunate to have Bryan and Lisa to continue coaching archery.  We now have six certified coaches.  I am hoping this team will continue to achieve.  The one state goal that we have not been able to get is------being number one in the State of Florida!!!!  This is what I would like to set for our goal this coming year.  This will take a lot of effort by a lot of parents.  We were second last year, but the team that beat us beat us badly!!!!100 points.

The main area that we can improve on is the boys scores.  We need to have four boys shooting consistently at least 250. (We only have one returning boy) If we can do this and keep our girls at or above their current scores, we would have a good chance of taking first.  Practice is crucial!!  I am looking for ways to have practice that would insure that all archers have an opportunity to practice at least once a week during the regular tournaments and more practices before STATE.  Any suggestions?  If you are willing to volunteer to help with practices this year, please let one of us know.  This could be just being the responsible adult on site.  Archery knowledge is not mandatory.

At this time, we are limited in how many students we can coach.  We have fifteen returning National archers.  This leaves only fifteen slots to be filled.  Last year we taught 96 students and down-selected to thirty.  Many of the students that were not selected could have been good archers if we had had more time.  I am looking for suggestions to take more students—maybe even as a junior variety team.  Again, this would require more parents participating.


The way archery has been conducted in the past was because of our limited available time.  There are not set requirements as to when practice time could be.  If you work, you might need to set your practice time after your work.  You could consider coaching in the mornings before school.  What I am trying to say is you can set your own time requirements.

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