Weather Update - 9/1/2016

Based on the current weather conditions and the forecast for this evening and tomorrow that have been provided to us by Emergency Management Services, all school activities for tonight and tomorrow should proceed as scheduled.

Meigs Middle School Book Fair

Come to Our Book Fair

Attention Wildcat students and parents!

It’s time to visit our Pirate themed Book Fair!

The dates are:  August 22-26th, from 7:10 – 2:15 daily.

We are also having a family night before the home football game on the 25th from 5:00 – 6:15.  Come visit us and shop for yourself or for your student’s teacher’s classroom library!  Hope to see you soon!

You can also shop at our online Book Fair at the following link:

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

The only area at Meigs for parents drop off and pick up is using the horseshoe entrance on Richbourg Avenue.   For safety reasons do not drop off or pick up students from any other road access. 

Orientation and Schedule Pick Up Information

To view the parent letter that was mailed home about orientation and schedule pick up dates and times, ORIENTATION LETTER LINK

Adobe Reader needed to view file.  Link to Adobe Reader


School Supply Kits get yours while they last!

School supply kits will be ready to pick up starting on Monday, 07/18/2016 from 8:00 - 1:00 at the front office. 

They are $20.00, get yours before they run out!

Larissa Schar Cox Inspirational Hero Award Winner

Larissa Schar Meigs representative for Cox Inspiration Hero


Congratulations to Larissa Schar, Meigs Middle School's Cox Inspirational Hero Award winner for the 2015 - 2016 school year! Her Bio is below. 

   Student description -  Larissa has been a bright spot in the day since she first entered Meigs.  In the sixth grade, she had some challenges that normally should have held her back.  The opposite happened with Larissa.  She has overcome those challenges and just made incredible strides towards her goals.  She is very independent and will let you know (by a thumbs up) that she is perfectly fine with whatever is happening.  I am so excited to have been a part of watching her transform from a cute little sixth grader into a beautiful, strong, and independent eighth grader, ready to explore and enter high school.  She will exceed her own expectations.


          Attitude (Student’s outlook) WOW!  Larissa has the most beautiful outlook on life and the expectations she has for herself.  She has her sights set on music and whatever it offers her.  She works diligently and patiently on perfection.  Her enthusiasm is contagious to her multitude of friends and classmates.


          Personal success  According to her grandmother, Larissa has always had music in her heart.  She loves to sing and had the opportunity to sing our National Anthem at a Wahoo baseball game in Pensacola.  What an honor! She has mastered walking without her braces and does a fantastic job navigating through the halls with hundreds of students and holds her head high with confidence.  She amazes me daily.


          Barriers she overcame - Larissa has overcome her constant need for leg braces, rolling walker, and arm braces to help her walk.  She recently had a devastating fall and is recovering from that with grace and elegance.  She is very self-assured as a young lady.  She demands independence!


           An example of student’s willingness to help others  -  Larissa’s attitude and self-reliance is a bold example of who she is.  She is always willing to console anyone who is experiencing conflict or uncertainty. Not long ago, she witnessed a student overwhelmed and crying in class.  Without hesitation, she moved quietly to the other side of the room and graciously put her arms around her to console her and make things ok again.  This is who Larissa is!

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