• Recognition of Alphabet letters (capital and lowercase) and their corresponding sounds, with emphasis on Mm, Aa, Ss ( distinguish between long /a/ and short /a/)
  • Recognition of beginning sounds in three letter words Constant Vowel Constant (CVC words)
  • Blend sounds together to create CVC words.  (ex. cat, Sam, tap)
  • Recognition of High Frequency Words: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I, like, the, and, see, can, a, we, to
  • Produce a word that rhymes with a teacher-given word; students will distinguish between a set of words that either do or do not rhyme.
  • Comprehension of books and stories read; this will include recognizing title, main idea, characters, setting, beginning, middle and end of story



  • Draw to a prompt and tell about their drawing.



  • Write numbers 0-10
  • Recognize and sequence numbers 0-10
  • Match objects to numbers 0-10
  • Count to 25
  • Count on from a given number (not starting with 1)
  • compare two sets determining which is greater than, less than, and equal to
  • Identify objects in ordinal positions (first-fifth)



  • Recognize the five senses and related body parts
  • Observe that things that make sound vibrate


Social Studies:

  • Define rules and laws and tell why we have them
  • Make group decisions and resolve conflicts among friends
  • Characteristics of being a good citizen

Yvonne Michna, Principal
Angela Beebe, Assistant Principal

School Day 9:00 - 3:30
Office Hours 8:30 - 4:30
Breakfast Served 8:40 - 9:00
SACS Accredited School

Say only what is true
Make your words helpful
Aim to inspire others
Remember to be kind
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