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Senior Information and Events

2016 - 2017


Representatives from National Recognition Products will be here Monday, October 11th  for the graduation supplies presentation to the Class of 2017.  This includes information about  Cap/Gown orders & Graduation Announcement and other mementos.  

This will be in the  Media Center through senior English classes.  Students without an English class may come during a no-class or study hall.

They will return on Monday & Tuesday, October 17th & 18th – from 10:00 AM to  1:00 PM in front hall next to Guidance  for orders. Check out the web site for additional information:  www.NRPFL.com



Timeline of Senior Events Leading to Graduation

September 16 & 17    


September 21st  


October 12th    


October 17th & 18th    


December 7th    7:00pm-9:30pm


February 15th & 16th 



April 18th               


April 29th  8:00pm-11:00pm      


May 11th –  May 18th


May 12th –  May 18th   


May 18th - 6:30pm


May 19th         
May 22nd            
May 23rd  10:00am-Noon
May 23rd  7:30pm
May 25th  - 11:00am
May 26th  7:30pm 
Meet in Gym no later than 6:30pm   

Homecoming Game & Dance


Senior Portraits (during no class, study hall, or English class)


Graduation Supplies Presentation (in Auditorium - during English class or no class)

Graduation Supply Orders taken (in front hall across from 10:00am-1:00pm main office)


Red & White Affair
Senior Cap & Gown Pictures (during no class, study hall, or English class)

Anne T. Mitchell Awards (NWFSC) - Reception at 5:00pm Ceremony at 6:00pm




Senior Breakfast Ticket Sales (TBA)


Senior Exams


Senior Awards (Auditorium)
Senior Make Up Exams, Senior Walk, Senior Viking Olympics

Senior Breakfast 8:00am-10:00am Ramada Inn on Okaloosa Island *Must Pre-Purchase ticket (Dress is dressy casual)


Cap & Gown Pick Up  (Auditorium)



Baccalaureate (at Choctaw)


Graduation Practice (Auditorium)


Graduation (Riggs Stadium)

**Students should not wear their gown into the gym.  Instead they should bring their gown into the gym on a hanger.  ***Students will not be admitted to the gym if they are wearing the gown.




Order Cap & Gowns Here!


Scholarship Report

Please report each scholarship offer you have received whether you plan to attend the college or not. We recognize all scholarship offers based on your academic performance, athletic or artistic ability, membership in clubs, and ROTC and U. S. Service Academy appointments. Do not report offers of financial aid such as grants or loans based on family income. Do not report Bright Futures Scholarships. Attach a photocopy of the award notice if you have one. We wish to recognize all students earning awards at our Senior Awards Program. FWBHS wants to include all scholarship offers in a report which is compiled for the school district. Click for the Report Form.

Senior Awards Scholarship Award Form



Senior Pages

Honor your senior with a special recognition ad.  Prices range from $45.00  for a business card size to $325.00 for a full page ad. Only a limited amount of space is available for senior ads.   Bring cash or check to the media center  or order online at http://www.balfour.com/ Pictures or page and full payment is due by December __________.    Click for additional information.  Call or email Mrs. Teare at 833-3300 ext. 2151 or teares@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us  if you have questions.


Senior Supplies

Southern Recognition, Inc. will be at FWBHS on October 17th & 18th for Graduation Products Ordering & Service. Caps & Gowns, Graduation Announcements, and All Senior Products can also be ordered online at www.SouthernRecognition.com. For more information, please visit us online at www.SouthernRecognition.com OR contact Rob Kass at Rob.Kass@SouthernRecognition.com



Scholarship information has moved to a new page. Scholarship information page

ACT or SAT Test scores earned after Feb 1st will not be credited until the summer evaluation as well. Many students earn a scholarship at the final summer evaluation based on 8 semesters of high school work. Students are also upgraded from Medallion to Academic Scholar status at that time.


Seniors with Money Due...

Contact Jan Shaffer 833-3300 ext. 3453

Attention all Seniors... monies due forms will be distributed throughout the year for various items such as lost books, fees, fundraisers, uniforms, etc. All monies due must be taken care of before caps and gowns will be distributed. Do not wait until May to clear up any notices.


Seniors taking College Visits

Students taking school leave for college visits must obtain a school leave form from Guidance, have it signed by each teacher PRIOR to going on the visit and turn the form in to Mrs. Craig in Attendance. Then, obtain a signed letter on college letterhead identifying the date and time of the visit. Turn this in to Mrs. Craig in Attendance after the visit. If the absence is not approved before the visit and/or the letter from the college is not turned in, the absence will not be excused.



Ordering Deadline -

All pages or photos due -


Space is limited. Be sure to reserve your space now!


Size Camera Ready We Design the Ad

      Full Page      $325.00     $350.00

      Half Page      $170.00     $190.00

      Quarter Page      $ 90.00     $100.00

      OurSpace Ad      $ 50.00     $ 50.00

Full page – maximum of 20 pictures with message

Half Page – maximum of 10 pictures with message

Quarter Page – maximum of 4 pictures with message

OurSpace – one photo with brief message (Business Card size)


You may reserve your space with a 50% deposit. The balance is due when the page is submitted but not later than December 11, 2015. Payment may be made by check or cash in the media center. Pages will not be submitted to the publisher until paid in full. 


A 10% discount will be given for completed pages or pictures turned in by -

Reserved pages and/or payment not received by - may be cancelled.


See Mrs. Teare in the Media Center to order senior pages or call 833-3300 ext. 2151.


Guidelines for camera ready ads:

All pages for the yearbook are submitted to the publisher in PDF files. Camera ready ads should be created using a photo program, not PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. Ads should be saved as jpeg files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Pages should be submitted on a CD, jump drive or email to teares@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us. Pages that must be changed are considered to be staff prepared and will be charged the higher rate.


Guidelines for staff-prepared ads:

Our yearbook staff will be glad to create your ad for you. Photos may be sent on a disc or you may submit original prints. Photos from phones or taken from the internet (Facebook, etc.) are usually of lesser quality and do not reproduce well.  While we can resize the photo, they often lose quality.  Please do not  send scanned photos, photos printed on paper other than photo paper, or cut the photos. We can crop and resize the photos. Please do not staple, tape, glue, fold or paperclip the photos. Photos will be returned to you.  Layout/design and typography will be chosen by the yearbook staff. Call Mrs. Teare at 833-3300 ext. 2151 or stop by the Media Center to discuss your ad or if you have any questions. E-mail to teares@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us.


We will not accept photos or pages that include photos of nudes of any age, any appearance of illegal activity, hand gestures, bad taste or anything that is deemed inappropriate for minors. We reserve the right to exclude photos or comments that we feel are inappropriate.



Senior Ad Contract


Senior’s Name:__________________________________________________________


Parent’s Name: __________________________________________________________


Contact number: _________________________________________________________


Email address: __________________________________________________________


Ad Size: Full Page Half Page Quarter Page OurSpace


Completed page submitted: _________


Staff Prepared: Number of Photos Enclosed: ___________


Include message (not too long, please) with photos or on CD or email to Mrs. Teare.


Is this ad a secret? Yes No


Turn in photos or ads to the Media Center


Susan Teare

Ft. Walton Beach High School

400 Hollywood Blvd. SW

Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548



We will not accept photos or pages that include photos of nudes of any age, any appearance of illegal activity, hand gestures, bad taste or anything that is deemed inappropriate for minors. We reserve the right to exclude photos or

comments that we feel are inappropriate.




Date: Signature: _______________________________________





Download the PRINT version of the Senior Ad Contract