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Grade Level Teachers


1st Grade

2nd Grade

 email Vickie Burger Ms. Vicki Burger
 Email Kristen Early Mrs. Kristen Early
 Email Jennifer Hastings Mrs. Jennifer Hastings
 Email Becky Holtery Mrs. Becky Holtery
 Email Krista Pedro Mrs. Krista Kuester
 Email Pam Willard Mrs. Pam Willard






 Email Colleen Ballasch Mrs. Colleen Ballasch
 Email Cathy Boswell Mrs. Lora Phillips
 Email Dena Curenton Mrs. Dena Curenton
 Email jodi Dezinski Mrs. Jodi Dezinski
 Email Meredith Main Ms. Meredith Main
  Email Michelle McKain Ms. Michelle McKain





  Ms. Catie Sprague
 Email Dorothy Fields Mrs. Dorothy Fields & Mrs. Huzzard
 Email Denise Propst Ms. Denise Propst
 Email Jil Watson Mrs. Jil Watson
 Email Lafay Taylor Mrs. LaFay Taylor





3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

 Email Joan Dermody Mrs. Joan Dermody
 Email Cynthia Hanson Mrs. Cynthia Hanson
 Email Bridget Larue Mrs. Bridget Larue
 Email Sandra McCormick Mrs. Sandra McCormick
 Email Terri Murphy Ms. Terri Murphy
 Email Wendy Wheeler Mrs. Wendy Wheeler

 Email Debby Gardner Mrs. Renee Kenoyer
 Email Tracy Lott Mrs. Tracy Lott
 Email Donna Peters Mrs. Donna Peters
 Email Jamie Seifert  Mrs. Jamie Seifert
 Email Allison Webb Mrs. Allison Webb


  Mrs. Angela Barry
 Email Cathy Boswell Mrs. Mary Brown 
 Email Shelly Buck Mrs. Shelley Buck
 Email Sherri Ferrara Mrs. Sherri Ferrara


 Faculty and Staff

Email Dr. Dawson Dr. Samantha Dawson

Email Kristina Clark Mrs. Kristina Clark
Assistant Principal

Email Maria Lewis Mrs. Maria Lewis 
School Counselor

Email Deputy Jeff Moore Deputy Tim Siren
School Resource Officer

Email Annette Buckley Ms. Kelly Edelman

Email Ann Gilbar Mrs. Ann Gilbar
Records Secretary

Email Molly Davis Mrs. Molly Davis

Email Sarah Downs Ms. Sarah Downs
Literacy Coach

Mail Taylor Ms. Laneie Taylor
Math Coach

Email Pam Huzzard Mrs. Kristen Schiavoni

Email Shirley Andrews Mrs. Shirley Andrews
Music Teacher

 Email Lance Hill Mr. Lance Hill
Physical Education Teacher

Email VanDyke Mrs. Karen Sanders
Staffing Specialist

Email Lindsey Salinas Ms. Lindsey Salinas
School Psychologist

Email Deana Fagundes Mrs. Deana Fagundes

Email Kelly Edelman Mrs. Annette Buckley
Media Center

Email Jessica Thompson Mrs. Jessica Thompson

Email Jennifer Harper Mrs. Jennifer Harper

Email Angel Squire Mrs. Angel Squire

Email Amy Mrs. Kathleen Smith
Computer Lab CRA

Email Holly Troxell Mrs. Holly Troxell
P.E. Assistant

Email Matthew Ballard Mr. Matthew Ballard
P.E. Assistant

Email Krista Miles Amanda Pritchett
Health Tech

Ms. Katie Weeks


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