Your Guidance Counselor is someone you should get to know very well.  We have four outstanding counselors this year.  They are:

Ms. Keck               Students with last names beginning with A-K       ext. 12634

Ms. Brock             Students with last names beginning with L-Z        ext. 12641

Ms. White            IB/AP/AICE Coordinator                                           ext. 12640

Ms. Ellenburg     Testing and Special Programs                                   ext. 12684

If the counselor doesn’t answer the phone, please leave a message. Each counselor spends a lot of time with students and parents and is not always able to answer her phone. She will get back with you the same day or the first thing the next day if you call late in the afternoon. The counselors work the same daily hours as the teachers—6:45 AM until 2:15 PM.  If you need to have a parent/teacher conference, the counselor will set the conference up and if requested, will attend the conference.

Guidance FAQ's

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