Mrs. Calderone

Digital Information Technology

This year has absolutely flown by and I'm pretty sure April and May will go by even faster! We are finishing up our Microsoft Office Specialist with our PowerPoint unit. I have listed all assignments and their due dates below. PLEASE don't fall behind. The lab will be open before school and on Mondays and Wednesdays, after school (I PROVIDE SNACKS!!!).

A-C Creating and Editing a Presentation with Pictures DUE 4/9

D-E Enhancing a Presentation with Pictures, Shapes and WordArt DUE 4/11

F Reusing a Presentation and Adding Media and Animation DUE 4/15

G CAPSTONE Project DUE 4/16

H-I Creating and Formatting Information Graphics DUE 4/18

GMetrix TESTING 4/19

J-K Collaborating on and Delivering a Presentation DUE 4/22 

L-M Navigating Presentations Using Hyperlinks and Action Buttons DUE 4/25

N Creating a Self-Running Presentation Containing Animation DUE 4/29

O CAPSTONE Project DUE 5/1

P-Q Customizing a Template and Handouts Using Masters DUE 5/3

R-S Modifying a Presentation Using Graphical Elements DUE 5/7

T-U Developing a Presentation with Content from Outside Sources DUE 5/10

V Organizing Slides and Creating a Photo Album DUE 5/13

W CAPSTONE Project DUE 5/14

GMetrix Practice Test

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE PASSING 3 or MORE OF THE CERTIFICATION TESTS...You are now officially a Microsoft Office Specialist!!!

If you are looking for the name of my dog, it is Bogey!