Digital Information Technology


This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends, and to introduce students to fundamental skills required for today’s business and academic environments. Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental computer skills. The intention of this course is to prepare students to be successful both personally and professionally in an information based society. Digital Information Technology includes the exploration and use of: databases, the internet, spreadsheets, presentation applications, management of personal information and email, word processing and document manipulation, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards.

Curriculum is taught to prepare for national industry certifications for MOS certifications in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  A signed (by parent and student) Candidate Statement must be on file prior to testing.  In addition, this course is the first in a series of courses that may qualify students for a Gold Seal scholarship.  Students will be using individual log-ins this year. Their individual sign on provides them many educational benefits. They are provided access to five Office 365 licenses via Classlink. This will allow them to work on projects and assignments outside of the school. In addition, they have cloud storage for their projects and assignments. This will enable them to access their projects and assignments at home or school.


Major Areas of Study

1st Nine Weeks-Keyboarding, Introduction to Word, Computing Fundamentals

2nd Nine Weeks-Word, MOS Certification Exam, Introduction to Excel, Semester Exam

3rd Nine Weeks-Excel, MOS Certification Exam, Introduction to PowerPoint

4th Nine Weeks-PowerPoint, MOS Certification Exam, Career Unit, End of Course Exam


Bring (inexpensive) headphones daily (computer video tutorial use only)

Course Objectives

  1. Acquire additional competency in applying the industry standards in keyboarding
  2. Acquire formatting skills using Microsoft Word for business and personal documents (business letters, reports, tables, resumes, etc…)
  3. Format other business-related activities including spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (Power Point) and internet activities
  4. Prepare for and earn industry Microsoft Office 2016 Certifications—Students earning Word certification will be exempt from 1st semester exam. Students earning Word, PowerPoint and Excel certifications are exempt from the 2nd semester exam.


Classroom Procedures

  1. Be on time to class and sit at assigned computer station
  2. Place backpacks in designated area (not allowed at work station)
  3. Class begins when the tardy bell rings
  4. Follow verbal directions, written instruction sheets, and those on the projector screen

Daily End of Class Activities

  1. Save work and exit computer program properly by logging off

First Period-If not on, turn on computers

Seventh Period-Turn off computers

  1. Return any handouts or class materials as instructed
  2. Leave work area clean
  3. Remain seated until bell rings and you are dismissed by the instructor
  4. Push in chair under work station as you leave
  5. Pick up backpack on the way out of class


35%   Daily Work, 45%   Graded Projects/Objective Tests (Word, computer literacy, and vocabulary), 20%   Certification/Technique (Observation of correct keyboarding techniques)

Students are encouraged to practice keyboarding skills from home—suggested sites: and  There are many other free keyboarding sites.  Let me know if you find others that you like, so we can share with classmates. Students can use to watch videos and review Microsoft Office 2016 and Computing Fundamentals. SAM, G-METRIX AND CERTIPORT software will be used to prepare and test students for national industry certifications.


My teacher website can be accessed through the Choctaw website or the following link, My website will be updated weekly. Please keep in mind, that with any daily schedule, things are subject to change. In addition, I will be using Edmodo/google classroom for assignments, quizzes and communication.

Absent/Make-Up Work Policy

A student will have five (5) days including the day he/she returns to bring a note to be excused.  Make-up work for excused absences must be completed within five (5) school days after the student returns.   If a student does not bring a note within five (5) days, his/her absence is unexcused.  If a student is unexcused, he/she will not be able to make up his/her work. When you are absent, I will enter a “Z” in the grade book. If the absence is excused and you make up the work, your score will be entered, otherwise it remains “Z”.

To make up work, when you are absent, please check the webpage and/or the IT Daily Activities Board to see what was missed and what needs to be made up. Some software we use is internet based (SAM, G-Metrix, assigned keyboarding sites) and you will have the opportunity to complete missed assignments at home if your absence is excused. If you need to make up work at school, please make arrangements with me to stay afterschool.  Make up work is your responsibility.

Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses. All parties involved will receive a “0” and parents will be notified. All subsequent offenses will result in an office referral. I expect you to do your own work.

Student Expectations

Disruptive behavior impedes academic progress.  In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, as a student you are expected to:

  • Display appropriate work habits at all times.
  • Bring appropriate materials to class (headphones).
  • Utilize the full class period. School Tardy Policy enforced.
  • Follow Choctaw Dress Code.
  • Work quietly without disturbing others.
  • Stay in assigned seat.
  • Maintain default desktop background (you may not change the background).
  • Leave work station in order at end of period (PUSH CHAIR IN, return materials to proper place, deposit waste paper in garbage cans, take all your books and materials with you).
  • Leave candy, gum, and other food and drinks in your locker or backpack.
  • No USB drives, etc…to be used without teacher permission.
  • Phones and other electronic devices… are not to be used in class without permission. Students MAY charge their devices in my classroom. If the device is by their workstation it should remain FACE DOWN.
    • If this privilege is abused, students will not be able to have their phones out or on in class.


Students are charged with using the computers in an assigned manner.  This may include:

  • Accessing only assigned sites (examples:,,
  • Accessing only text related sites online
  • Checking grades (at end of class)

Students are not allowed to:

  1. “play”, download, or listen to music or TV Videos from your workstation
  2. check email OR visit unauthorized sites (example:  Facebook, Twitter)
  3. play games or shop online
  4. utilize phones during class—phones will be taken and school procedures will be followed

The following discipline steps will be utilized:

Minor Disruptions and Computer Violations (this includes misuse of internet, playing games, online shopping, etc…)

1st Offense-Teacher conference with student given verbal warning

2nd Offense-Parent contacted

3rd Offense-Office Referral

Take advantage of being in the lab—at the beginning or end of class (when work is done):

  • check grades
  • check out the news—know what is happening local, nationally and globally
  • access SAT/ACT/Word of the Day
  • The Learning Network by New York Times
  • and (Plan Your Future)

Parent Communication Procedures

All students will have a planner that they can copy their assignments into for the week. Assignments are also posted on my teacher web page on a weekly basis. Handouts will be available for access through Edmodo. If you have any questions, you can email me at or call and leave a message at school: (850) 833-3614. 

Thank you,

Mrs. Calderone, M.Ed.